Umo IQ Bus Locator

Welcome to Wildcat Transit's Umo IQ application! Umo IQ employs live GPS data and a variety of interface options so you can use your desktop device, table or phone to tell exactly where your bus is and get a prediction on when it will get to your stop. Tracked vehicles include Wildcat Transit routes 3 & 4 (Dover & Portsmouth), plus all the Campus Connector routes.


LIVE MAP - Use "Select Routes" in the map below to locate your route/bus.*

*Small delays in GPS transmission means your bus may be slightly ahead of where it is showing on the map.  Please allow extra time when meeting an approaching bus.


Use the Live Map!


STOP TIME PREDICTIONS (Routes 3 & 4 only)

With this utility you can enter your route/direction/stop selections and see when the next bus is due to arrive
Please be at your bus stop at least five minutes ahead of the predicted time, as GPS may have a slight delay.

Go to the bus predictor now.

You may also visit the On Your Phone page for details on our mobile app, SMS and direct call options, or access the ADA-friendly version of the application.

Please note: Because of the compressed nature of Campus Connector routes, Connector predictions tend to be inaccurate. To get a sense of the location of the next Campus Connector bus, please use the live map feature, above, using the "select route" options to find your bus.  Always give yourself a few extra minutes!

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