Pay by Phone Hourly Meter Parking

This page provides information on pay-per-hour meter/visitor parking.  For Athletics Gameday/Tailgate/Event parking, visit UNH Athletics Ticketing.

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The free ParkMobile app makes it easy to pay for parking through your phone.

How it Works:

  1. Download the FREE ParkMobile app to your iPhone or Android.
  2. Sign up with your email address, license plate number(s), and payment method.  Now you're ready to start parking.
  3. Find a parking space in one of the many metered parking areas around campus.  The ParkMobile app can help you with that.
  4. Enter the Zone Code found on signs/stickers in your metered parking area into the app, select your desired amount of time (up to the space maximum), confirm your information, and start parking. (You will not be issued a paper permit).

No Smartphone?  Other Ways to Pay using ParkMobile:

  • Pay by web (QR Code link to web pay found on signs).
  • Text to pay (Text "Park" to 77223).
  • Call to pay (Call 877-727-5010).

Parking with ParkMobile:

  • Hourly parking at UNH is $1.75/hour, plus $0.39 ParkMobile transaction fee.
  • No reservations or pre-payment; you should be in your space before you begin your transaction.
  • There is no permit to display; all parking transactions are enforced electronically.
  • Transactions are zone-specific.  If you move to a different zone, you have to pay again.
  • The app will count down your remaining time and text you reminders of transactions approaching expiration. 
  • The option to add time is provided in the app, but will not permit parking beyond the maximum time the zone allows.
  • Need help?  Contact ParkMobile directly (see below).

ParkMobile How To & Help

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Use your App anywhere ParkMobile is provided.

ParkMobile parking is available in Durham zones (managed by the Durham Police Department), and in communities and institutions all across North America.  Local rates and options apply.