Special Event Shuttles

Due to policy and federal funding restrictions, Transportation Services is only allowed to do limited, UNH-affliated, on-campus shuttle service. For off-campus charter services, please visit the USNH Procurement Services Contracts Page and look under pricing for charter, school bus and car services for service providers.

Vintage Shuttle

Organizers can use the UNH Event Service Portal to make a shuttle reservation request. To begin:

  • Log in using your UNH username and password.*
  • Click on "Create a Reservation" in the left column.
  • Select "Shuttle Service Requests" from the reservation templates by clicking "book now" next to that option.
  • Go through and fill in the requested information and submit.

The supervisor of special events will review your request. You will receive a return contact outlining the details.

Arrangements are subject to a fee.

*If you do not have UNH log-in credentials or encumbrance number capability, please arrange to have a department that's hosting your event make these arrangements on your behalf.

Request Event Shuttle