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UNH Transportation Services
Parking & Transit Center
20 Sage Way
Durham, NH 03824

Phone numbers

Transit (603) 862-2328
Parking (603) 862-1010
Automotive Garage (603) 862-2574
Fax, all departments (603) 862-2638


Please enter your questions, comments, suggestions, concerns, or request for reasonable accommodation below.  Provide your email address for a reply.  Replies usually follow in 1-3 business days.

Note:  Please DO NOT USE THIS FORM to appeal parking tickets, update your parking account info or request special event or guest parking 

information on parking permit refunds following the switch to remote learning: 
The university has sanctioned prorated refunds for some fees meeting certain criteria.  For parking permits, permits whose original price was over $75 (not including online ordering s&H), and were valid at the time of the switch to remote learning were submitted for prorated refunds (25% of 2-semester permits, 50% of spring semester permits).  These refunds were processed on or around Friday, April 10, and will appear as credits on student Business Office accounts.   Excluded from prorated refunds are permits whose purchase price was at/below $75 (commuter, moped, motorcycle, etc.). 

Regarding online sales of summer '20 and academic year '20-'21 parking permits...
we are awaiting University decisions about the re-convening of on-campus classes, and permit sales will be arranged aCCORDINGLY.  Assuming the fall semester gets underway according to schedule, we will begin ’20-’21 permit sales in late July, precise dates to be determined.  This could change!  We will have a general announcement go out prior to the permit sales; please keep an eye on your UNH email over the summer.


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