Move Out/In Temporary Permit

Moving out

You may request a special two-hour permit for use in loading/unloading only. When applying for a temporary permit, please:

  • Provide the plate/state information on the vehicle you'll be using to load/unload
  • Specify the date and time you wish to start using the permit.
  • Provide the rest of the requested information.
  • Provide the email address where you'd like your temporary permit sent. The permit will be emailed immediately after you submit the form.
  • Print and display your permit on the dashboard of the designated vehicle and follow instructions for use for use provided on the permit.
  • Your permit will expire two hours from the date/time stamp selected and appearing on the permit.

*This form is available during move-out/in periods only. 
Move-in temp permits are NOT available for fall Move-In Weekend; please follow UNH Police move-in protocol on these days.