Defensive Driving

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National Safety Health Council Defensive Driving Course (DDC) certification is required to operate University vehicles and rental vehicles for university purposes. UNH employees and students may register for the online course using the form below.

Enrollment fee is $17. Please get a Banner "Org" and "Account" number from your department's finance liasson. Those wishing to pay by cash or credit card may not enroll online; please come to Transportation Services to pay/enroll. Accounting numbers must be fiscal-year appropriate as of July 1 each year!

Members of the general public, or anyone interested in taking the DDC for license point reduction or any other reason, may inquire about live defensive driving courses by contacting the National Safety & Health Council, (800) 834-6472

For commercial driving requirements, go to the FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration) page.

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