Commuter Eligibility Check

In order to be eligible for a commuter permit your local commuting address must be >1 mile from campus and >.25 miles from the nearest campus/downtown bus stop.

Ineligible addresses

You are NOT eligible if you have residency at: Madbury Commons, The Cottages, The Lodges, River's Edge, Bryant Park West, Davis Court, Rosemary Lane, Dennison Road, Coe Drive, any UNH fraternity or sorority houses, or other addresses in downtown Durham and along the Main Street/Madbury Road/Mill Road/Dover Road corridors. Residents at these ineligible addresses may apply for a non-resident permit instead.

Limited summer exemption: During summer semester, when the Campus Connector does not service the Cottages/Technology Drive/River's Edge area, students commuting from these apartments may apply in-person for an exception summer commuter permit. These residential areas revert to ineligibility when the Campus Connector service resumes in fall/spring semesters. This limited exception does NOT apply to other areas (e.g. Lodges, Madbury Commons, etc.), where summer Connector service remains available in the summer.

Eligibility Perimeter

If your local/commuting address lies anywhere within the eligibility perimeter on this map, you are not eligible for a commuter parking permit. (Zoom in for a closer look.)

Even if the permit selection shows up as a "pre-approved" permit category (which is based only upon your not having an on-campus housing assignment), you may not purchase one due to this eligibility restriction! Ineligible applicants risk standard enforcement.

Ineligible commuters are expected to walk or take the bus to campus. UNH has limited storage parking for ineligible commuters, and private storage options exist nearby.

I understand and affirm that my local/commuting address lies outside the eligibility perimeter.

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