Commuter Permits

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Commuter permit placement

Permit Placement

This permit must be affixed (not just displayed!) to the lower driver’s side front windshield of the registered car so that it can be seen from the outside (remove old permit).

Permit Use

You may use this permit ONLY in designated parking spaces in commuter lots (see below). These permits are not valid in non-commuter lots, in any no-parking areas, at any parking meter or timed area, or in any area not specifically designated as a parking space. This permit and its privileges are not transferable to another owner or user.

Designated Commuter Parking Lots

Commuter parking is available to permit holders in:

  • Lot A (off Main Street, across from Field House).
  • Lot M (across Gables Way from Lot A, behind Parking & Transit Center).
  • Mast Road & Mathes Lots (by Equestrian Center off upper Main Street).
  • Moiles Lot (formerly known as Mast Road II; gravel lot near Equestrian Center).
  • Lot S (top of West Edge Way, near Printing & Mail).
  • West Edge Lot (large lot just beyond Lot S).
  • G1 Lot (small extension off Fac/Staff lot near Putnam Hall).

Nearest lots are prone to fill up at busy times; if one lot is full, you must find space in another commuter lot. The Campus Connector bus services all commuter lots. Some special events may change parking availability; look for signs and announcements. Permits are required Monday through Friday, 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. The winter parking ban impacts after-midnight parking in some of these lots. Restrictions to "open parking" limit how often a commuter permit holder may overnight on campus; see regulations Article IV Section 10.


Permits are not refundable, except as described in the refund policy. Temporary replacement permits are available at the parking office (in advance) if you need to bring an alternate vehicle to campus. Permanent replacement permits are available with the return of the original permit or a $20 fee. If you move on campus, or any part of your eligibility to hold a commuter permit changes, your permit is no longer valid. Otherwise your permit expires on the weekday before spring commencement.

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Call the parking office at (603) 862-1010.

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