Temporary Alternate Vehicle Permit

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You may use this form if you have a valid parking permit, but bring an alternate vehcle to campus.  Approved submissions will be issued a free "Temporary Alternate Vehicle" parking permit via email, to print & display, and use in your normal parking area. 

for a permit to be approved and sent to you!*

If you need a permit sooner, you must come to the parking office.

  • *Please plan carefully!   Simply applying for and/or receiving the temp permit does not count as displaying it! Vehicles not displaying any permit for any length of time are subject to standard enforcement.  You must have access to a printer!  If you can't print and display your permit for immediate use, you must come to the parking office in person.
  • Do NOT use this form if you are switching to a new primary vehile.  Instead, please use the Change My Parking Info form, and then transfer your normal hang-tag or decal.
  • Applicants for Temporary Alternate Vehicle permits must have no unpaid parking tickets.  If you have any outstanding fines, please visit the citation payment page

Please fill in the requested information:

Please enter your UNH ID number (nine digits, starts with 9).
Please enter your first name.
Please enter your last name.
Enter your hang-tag or decal number, if known.
If you don't have a valid UNH permit in the first place, do not use this form.  Instead, come to the parking office.
Please select the type of permit you currently hold.  (If none, do not use this form).
*Hang-tag style permits (Fac/Staff, etc.) are intended to be portable, and may be temporarily moved to another vehicle without need for a special temp permit.
Enter the LICENSE PLATE number on the alternate vehicle?
Enter the license plate STATE of the alternate vehile.
Enter the MAKE of the alternate vehicle (e.g. Ford, Toyota, etc.)
Enter the COLOR of the alternate vehicle.
Check this box if this vehicle is a rental vehicle.
Enter the beginning date your alternate vehicle will be on campus.
Enter the requested end date of your temporary permit. 
If only one day, the beginning and end date can be the same. 
A temporary permit cannot exceed two weeks (14 days).
The date(s) on your approved permit may be adjusted to meet these limits.
Helpful additional information to describe your need, if necessary.
By checking this box, you signify your agreement to use a temporary alternate vehicle permit in the appropriate and prescribed manner, that you the permit-holder are the only one using the permit, that you will park in area and within the dates designated on the temporary permit, will have only one vehicle on campus at a time, and will otherwise abide by the UNH Parking Regulations. 
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