Motorcycle Permits

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Permit Placement


Please affix your permit to the left front fork, body column, or other easily visible area in the front left of the motorcycle.

Permit Use

Your permit is valid in designated motorcycle parking areas only. Motorcycles may park at parking meters, but the permit does not count as meter payment; the meter must be fed.


Motorcycles may not park in car spaces, except paid parking meter spaces. Motorcycles may not park in designated moped parking areas. You may not park at any time at bike racks, in any no-parking areas, or in any area not specifically designated as a motorcycle parking area. Motorcycles are prohibited from travel on sidewalks and pedestrian/bike paths.


Your permit expires on the day before spring commencement (for fall/spring permits) or the day before fall semester move-in (for summer permits).


Permits are not refundable, except as described in the refund policy. Temporary replacement permits are available at the parking office if you need to bring an alternate vehicle to campus. Permanent replacement permits are available with the return of the original permit or a $20 fee. If any part of your eligibility to hold your permit changes, the permit is no longer valid.

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Call the parking office at (603) 862-1010.

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