Wait List for Parking Permits

To join the wait list for a parking permit, please provide the information in the requested fields below.

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If/when a permit becomes available, Transportation Services will contact you via email with instructions on how to claim a permit.

This list is for student permit types that are subject to sell out, e.g. campus resident permits. Other types of permits not subject to sell out, e.g. commuter permits, may be applied for using the standard sales procedures. 

This form is not to be used to pre-emptively "reserve" permits that are or will be available in a current or upcoming sales period.  The wait list is for the immediate academic interval only; a new list starts for each academic year and names from previous lists discarded.

Permit types may return to availability depending on final assignment counts.

Please have your student ID number, your housing assignment, and your email address ready.

Additional Parking Options

You may also wish to investigate off-campus (private) parking options offered by area institutions.

Visit the Off-Campus Parking page
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Sign up for the wait list

Please type your 9-digit UNH ID number. This number starts with a 9. Do NOT enter your Social Security Number. Please type numbers only; no dashes or spaces.
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GABLES permits require residency at The Gables.
WOODSIDE permits require residency at Woodside.
STRAFFORD/RESIDENT EAST/RESIDENT WEST require residency in Campus Housing.
NON-RESIDENT requires residency off campus.
You will not be selected for a permit type for which you're not eligible!
Check this box ONLY if your need/eligibility for a permit does not begin until Spring Semester. If you wish to be considered for a permit at the soonest availability, leave this box blank!
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