Grad Assistant Summer Parking Application

Hooding cerremony for grad student

An extension of commuter parking is available to eligible Graduate Assistants.


  • Graduate students who are continuing an eligible fall/spring assistantship into the succeeding summer term, and
  • Who held a valid fall/spring Commuter parking permit at the conclusion of the preceding spring term, and
  • Who live at an off-campus address (not in campus housing).


  • Undergraduate students.
  • Grad students not in an eligible assistantship*
  • Grad students who did not hold a valid fall/spring through the preceding academic year
  • Grad students who reside in campus housing.

*As determined by the UNH Grad School
** Ineligible grads and undergrads should return to the Student Permits page for options.


An online form will appear below when these permits are available for sale. 

  • Fill in the information and click submit.
  • Your application will be reviewed at the parking office.
  • All outstanding parking fines must be paid prior to a permit being approved.
  • If approved, a personalized permit will be sent to you as an email attachment (pdf). 
  • Print your permit and display it on your driver's side dashboard while parked on campus. 
  • The Grad Student permit is valid to park in any commuter lot (e.g. Lot A).  Permits are NOT valid in faculty/staff lots, resident lots, parking meters, etc.
  • Permits expire on the last day before Fall Semester move-in. 

There is no fee for this commuter parking extension, provided you purchased a fall/spring commuter permit, kept it valid through the conclusion of spring semester, and are otherwise eligible.

The Graduate Assistant Summer permit expires on the last day prior to the fall campus resident move-in.

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I affirm that I have am a Grad Student continuing an eligible fall/spring assistantship into the summer semester; AND that I held a fall/spring Commuter parking permit from the preceding academic year.
Checking this box acts as your signature that you agree that the furnished information is accurate, and that you have read, understand, and will abide by the UNH parking regulations.
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