Sonocent Notetaking Software

Reviewing for exams and tackling assignments are both so much easier when you have brilliant notes to draw upon.

Sonocent - unlock your potential with audio notes

What is Sonocent?

Sonocent is a notetaking software that allows students to record lectures on a laptop or mobile device, color highlight information, import presentation slides or diagrams next to the audio files, and include text notes. The recordings are broken up into smaller chunks of information each time the program detects a pause to make audio easier to organize.


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How can I get hold of my copy?

SAS is providing a limited number of students access to this software that is available in Windows and Mac. The Sonocent Link app is also available for iOS and Android.

Please contact us as soon as possible so we can provide you access to the software and everything you’ll need to get up and running before the semester starts!

UNH Testimonials


“Sonocent allows me to be less stressed about getting everything done and helps make my overall lecture experience so much more enjoyable.” -Heather

"I never used to go back and review my notes but now I do. I wish I had it last year, it would have been so beneficial.” -Caroline

“I love using Sonocent and use it in every class! The presentation capture feature makes it simple and helpful to stay actively engaged by automatically splitting the lecture into different sections while simultaneously recording the audio. It’s my favorite feature in Sonocent.” - Lexy

If you have any questions or concerns, please email or call SAS at 603-862-2607.

Other Sonocent Student Testimonials

Youtube Video Screenshot with text "In college I use it, basically, I'll turn it on as soon as my professor starts talking, and as it's recording I'm able to take photos and actually type notes and highlight things so it's very interactive for me."

Youtube Video Screenshot with CC "writing essays and compiling research for those essays and, for brainstorming. When"