training session at the pacs office


Due to COVID-19 adaptions to training and clinical care have been implemented. Specifically, PACS has the capacity to provide clinical services via Telehealth. In addition, trainee orientation, supervision, seminars, and meetings will be conducted via zoom in accordance with UNH’s policy (

Our multidisciplinary staff at Psychological and Counseling Services (PACS) at the University of New Hampshire is strongly committed to training. We value the energy, passion and innovation that our interns and postdoctoral fellows bring to PACS and to the University. We aim to advance the professional growth of those who elect to train here in order to help prepare highly responsible, ethical, and competent entry-level health service providers in psychology. We are committed to continual professional and personal learning in a collaborative environment that respects the contributions of all to our organization. As our training program is imbedded within a counseling center in a university setting the training experiences offered here are multi-faceted.

Our training programs focus on the practice of our profession within the context of direct clinical care, outreach, and consultation. We recognize that good professional practice is possible only when science and practice are well integrated. As such, we as clinicians and supervisors draw upon our knowledge of research and scholarly work to foster strong relationships with those in training.

APA Accredited Doctoral Internship
Postdoctoral Fellowship