Expansion of Services

PACS is excited to announce that we are expanding our services to improve the personalized care that is offered to students. Beginning with the 2023 Fall Semester, students will be able to establish non-urgent care with a PACS therapist by scheduling an Initial Phone Consultation. Scheduling can be done online or by calling PACS at (603) 862-2090.

Initial Phone Consultations are not counseling sessions, but an opportunity for a therapist to learn about your concerns and determine your needs so that we can collaborate with you to provide a tailored, or personalized care plan. During this consultation call, your counselor will seek to understand your concerns and make recommendations for next steps. These next steps may include care at PACS, peer support, suggestions for self-help, a referral to other on-campus resources and supports, and/or a referral to an off-campus mental health professional if you require a specific expertise or level of care that is not available at our center.

Additionally, PACS has expanded the Peer Ambassadors Program to offer peer support, on a drop-in basis, as an option for students who just want someone to talk with.

Image of PACS Personalized Care Model

Benefits of Expanded Services

  • The addition of initial phone consultations to PACS' clinical services will better position PACS to meet the increased demand for services and to respond to requests for care in a more timely fashion
  • Our goal is for students to be able to schedule an initial phone consultation within three to five business days
  • The initial phone consultation enables PACS therapists to offer more personalized support to students, resulting in more meaningful and effective services that reflect the individual's presenting concerns and the intensity of their distress
  • The addition of peer support to our Peer Ambassadors Program provides space for students to support each other, and is available on a drop-in basis - no appointment required


What to expect during an Initial Phone Consultation

An Initial Phone Consultation is a 20-minute phone call with a therapist to assess an individual's needs.  It is not a counseling session. During the call, the therapist will:

  • Verify some information with the individual
  • Ask questions about their
    •  current concerns
    •  social and health history
    •  future goals
  • Discuss recommendations and decide best next steps


What is Peer Support?

PACS Peer Ambassadors are UNH students who are trained and supported by PACS. Though they are not a substitute for therapy, they are here to:

  • Listen
  • Support
  • Provide resources on topics related to everyday aspects of the student experience

Please note that Peer Ambassadors (PAs) are a listening service, and may not be the best resource given your specific concerns or needs. If PA service is not an appropriate resource, we may refer you to a professional therapist and/or your professional therapist may decide that the Peer Ambassador Program is not in the best interest of your treatment. In these cases, the PA program coordinator or your therapist will connect with you about the best plan moving forward.


Getting Started at PACS

If you are a student in crisis during normal business hours, please call us at 603-862-2090. If you are in crisis or need an urgent appointment, you will be seen within a few hours. If you are in crisis after normal business hours, call us at 603-862-2090 and select option “0” to connect with a crisis counselor with whom you can discuss your concerns.

If you do not need to be seen urgently but would like to speak with a therapist to discuss options for counseling and support, call PACS at 603-862-2090, or schedule an initial phone consultation online