Psychiatric Services

Psychiatric services at PACS are provided by a consulting psychiatrist. A PACS clinician may make a referral to the psychiatrist when it is believed that medication could be beneficial in addition to counseling. If appropriate, the psychiatrist can prescribe and monitor the use of psychotropic medications for students currently receiving counseling services at PACS.

If medication is indicated, students usually meet with our psychiatrist until it is clear that the prescribed medication is effective; at that point, PACS will assist students in finding an appropriate, long-term provider in the community.

There is no additional cost for psychiatric services, but we do ask students to be sure to cancel appointments that they will not be able to keep at least 24 hours in advance. 

Eligibility for Psychiatric Services 

PACS offers short term counseling. Because of the high demand for services, eligibility for psychiatric care is limited to those students already in an established, ongoing therapeutic relationship with a PACS counselor.

If you are a current client receiving counseling at PACS, your counselor may make the referral to the psychiatrist. Students must continue regular counseling with the counselor in order to receive psychiatric services.

If you are in counseling with an off-campus provider, we cannot provide you with psychiatric care. We encourage you to speak to a counselor about options for psychiatric care in the community.

If you are already taking medication prescribed by  a psychiatrist or other provider at home or off campus, you have the option to continue with your current prescriber and receive counseling services at PACS.