Learning Outcomes

Students who utilize or interact with services and programs provided by Psychological and Counseling Services will be able to…


  • Outcome #1: List campus resources and basic wellness behaviors through participation in workshops and trainings, online educational resources, involvement in campus wide programming, and social media.

Direct Care

  • Outcome #2: List basic skills and practices to help manage emotions and stress, facilitate interpersonal relationship skills, and promote the achievement of their academic goals.

Suicide Prevention

  • Outcome #3: Ensure students, faculty, and staff can respond to individuals in distress and offer information on the resources in the UNH community for students in distress to prevent suicide in our community through comprehensive suicide prevention efforts, including the Suicide Prevention Partnership Council, Question, Persuade, and Refer training, distribution of Students in Distress guide.


  • Outcome #4: Interns and postdoctoral fellows who train at PACS will meet or exceed the professional competencies outlined by the APA Standards of Accreditation: research, ethical and legal standards, individual and cultural diversity, professional values and attitudes, communication and interpersonal skills, assessment, intervention, supervision, consultation and interprofessional interdisciplinary skills.