Make an Appointment

Image of a calendar and cell phone
In order to ensure the initial phone consultation call will go through,
please be sure to disable the Blocked Call and the Do Not Disturb features on your phone
prior to the scheduled appointment call time.

Is this your very first PACS appointment this semester?

  • If yes, you can use our online scheduling for Initial Phone Consultations.
  • If no, please  call PACS at (603) 862-2090 (Relay NH: 1-800-735-2964) during regular business hours. 

* Please note: Online scheduling is only available for Initial Phone Consultations. 

To make an appointment, you will need:

  • Your student ID number
  • Your full name
  • Your contact information

What to Expect for Your Initial Phone Consultation

An Initial Phone Consultation is a 20-minute phone call with a therapist to assess your needs.  At the scheduled time, you will receive a call from the therapist. It is important to answer the call promptly when it is received, and to be in a private, quiet location during the call.

During the call, the therapist will:

  • Verify some information with you
  • Ask questions about
    •  your current concerns
    •  your social and health history
    •  your future goals
  • Discuss recommendations for treatment, referrals, and resources

No Show/Late Cancellation Fees

For information about our no show and cancellation fees click here .