Workshops are opportunities to learn and practice different skills and wellness habits aimed toward improving the mental health of college students. 

What is a Workshop?

  • Typically short, educational courses that focus on specific mental health concepts or on the development of a skill.
  • Mental health workshops are often informal and interactive.
  • Trainers and participants may take part in discussions, presentations, or hands-on demonstrations to engage with new ideas or techniques.
  • Workshops are time-limited and self-contained, typically lasting for one to three 60– to 90-minute sessions.

Examples of Workshops led by PACS:

  • Feel Better Fast
  • Social Skills
  • Finding Balance
  • Homesickness
  • Stress Management
  • Relationships
  • Break Ups
  • Communication
  • Managing Academics and/or Academic Stress
  • Self-care
  • Hook-up Culture
  • Going Home for the Holidays/Break
  • Finishing the Semester Strong

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