Students Registered with SAS

As a student registered with SAS, there are a few key things registered students do:

  1. Submit a Semester Request each semester: You will send your accommodation letter to your new instructors for each new semester.
  2. Meet with SAS if you have any accommodation concerns: You may also find that you would like to update or revise your accommodations. Students can meet with SAS at any time to revise their accommodations. Please keep in mind that accommodations cannot be retroactive, so be sure to be in touch with SAS as soon as possible for any changes.
  3. Review email regularly for updates from SAS: SAS sends out regular updates to students who are registered. This includes important information about when you can send your Semester Requests as well as other important information. 
  4. Review the SAS Student Handbook
  5. Update SAS with any relevant information: Let us know of any updates by contacting our office.  New or updated documentation should be added to Accommodate by selecting Accommodation > Documentation within the menu and clicking on Add New Accessibility Document.
Students in a lecture

Activating Your Accommodations

Students must activate their accommodation letters to their instructors each semester.

Students in lecture. One is raising their hand.

Requesting New or Updated Accommodations

Learn how to change your accommodations.