Assistive Technology

Assistive Technology
Student using assistive technology

Assistive technology (AT) refers to products, equipment, and software that are used to assist people with disabilities to perform tasks more easily or independently. Students registered with Student Accessibility Services (SAS) can meet with the Assistive Technology Specialist to discuss what types of AT they may be eligible for and receive training on how to utilize such products to access their curriculum.  Available technologies include text-to-speech and speech-to-text software, screen reader, note-taking solutions, magnification products, and iPads equipped with many educational apps. SAS can help students determine what tools will best meet their academic needs. 

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Apps for Students

Learn more about free and low-cost apps for your device.

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Note Taking Support

Learn more about loans on a limited number of note taking devices and software, how to request a peer notetaker, or how to become a peer notetaker.

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1-on-1 Support

Need some help on deciding what technology is best for you? Having trouble getting things to work on your device? We are here to support you! Set up a meeting with our Assistive Technology Specialist.