Student Accommodate Guide

As a student, there are a number of important things you can do within Accommodate. This includes: 

Login to Accommodate 

Activate Your Accommodations with a Semester Request 

What is a Semester Request?

When you want to share your accommodations with your instructors, you need to create a "Semester Request". Within the request you can either:

  • "Submit for All Accommodations" - This submits all accommodations to all courses
  • "Review the Request" - This allows you to customize which accommodations are sent to each course

Once you have submitted the request, SAS will review the request and send your accommodation letters to instructors. Instructors can then view your letters right within their Accommodate portal. Please remember, that you need to create a new "Semester Request" EVERY semester.

How to Create a Semester Request

Accommodate allows you to easily request your accommodation letters each semester. Once in the system, click:

  1. Accommodation > Semester Request > Add New
  2. Choose the appropriate semester
  3. Either "Submit for All Accommodations" (submits all accommodations to all courses) or "Review the Request" (allows you to customize what accommodations are sent to courses)

Submit Documentation 

What Documentation is SAS Looking For?

Submitting documentation is an important step in the accommodation process. Documentation assists SAS in understanding the condition, functional impact, and possible accommodations. SAS uses documentation to help determine which accommodations are reasonable.

Documentation can take many forms depending on the student's condition, but generally documentation could include:

  • Provider completion of the Provider Verification Form (this is the preferred pathway)
  • Letters of support from providers
  • Submission of reports or testing related to the condition

Learn More about Submitting Documentation

How to Submit Documentation

Once you are registered, you can easily upload documentation. Once in the system, click:

  1. Accommodation > Documentation > Add New Accessibility Document
  2. Create a document title, upload the file/drag the file into the upload box, and share a short description
  3. Click Submit

View and Sign Letters

What Letters Can You Access within Accommodate?

There are few different types of letters that SAS might send through Accommodate. Letters are sent to document an official step in the accommodation process. Letters most commonly include:

  • Registration confirmation letters 
  • Accommodation confirmation approval letters
  • Accommodation letters for courses
  • Insufficient documentation letter

Please note that letters in Accommodate are not intended to replace email or other types of communication. Students are encouraged to check their UNH email account frequently.

How to View and Sign Letters

Accommodate allows you to easily view and sign your accommodation letters each semester. Once in the system, click:

  1. Accommodation > Letters
  2. Choose the letter you want to view, sign, or download
  3. If you are signing a letter,
    1. Review the letter
    2. Type your name
    3. Click Save at the bottom of the letter

Request an Accommodation Modification

When Might Students Request Accommodation Modifications?

Students' needs don't follow a semester schedule. Students' conditions change and, therefore, accommodation needs can and do change too. If you would like to request new or modified accommodations, you can complete a modification request within Accommodate. Requests to modify accommodations can also be discussed directly with SAS, but we encourage you to create a request in Accommodate as a first step.

Please note that requests are not automatically approved. All modification requests are reviewed through an interactive accommodation process. Because of this, SAS may ask for additional documentation or request a meeting to discuss the request.

How to Request an Accommodation Modification

Requests for accommodation modifications can be initiated directly with SAS or can be completed through the Modify Accommodations option in Accommodate. Once in the system, click:

  1. Accommodation > Modify Accommodations > Add New
  2. Share information about your condition and the accommodations you are requesting
  3. Click Submit