UNH ID Cards

UNH ID cards are provided by the Dining ID Office for students who have paid the UNH mandatory fees and for benefits eligible and adjunct faculty/staff. Your ID card is used for identification purposes on campus and is used for conducting transactions of the University of New Hampshire business and more. There are no fees for your initial ID card.

Getting Your First ID Card:

Congratulations on becoming a Wildcat! We look forward to you joining us here in Durham and beginning your UNH experience. One critical asset needed for your daily life on campus will be your UNH ID card. It will help you enter your residence hall, check out materials from the library, access your dining accounts and many other facets of UNH life. We want to make it easy for you to get your ID.

Preferred Name

UNH campus ID cards displaying your preferred name are available upon request. If you choose to have your preferred name on your UNH campus ID card it may impact your ability to use your campus ID for processes that require your legal name (e.g. registering to vote). It is advisable to carry a government-issued form of ID such as a driver’s license or passport with you. For more information on preferred name usage at UNH, visit the Registrar's website.

ID Photo Uploads

Avoid the lines and upload your photo!

Transact eAccounts

Transact eAccounts is an app that makes it easy to upload your photo for your student ID, view account balances and track transactions right on your phone. Click the button for more information: 

Transact eAccounts

Online Photo

Online photo is a mobile photo upload process to collect images for IDs. You will be sent an email from Online Photo to your new UNH e-mail address. As directed, either take or upload a photo that adheres to the following criteria within 5 days of receiving the e-mail. Not having an ID on the 1st day will make for an challenging experience- no easy dorm access or dining hall access are just two of the issues.

Please use the following guidelines when taking your photo:

acceptable photo: clear color photo showing accurate skin tone, good exposure & no shadows. No hats or sunglasses, head centered, using a light background.

Image source Travel.State.Gov

1.  Use a plain, light background.
2.  Crop slightly above the head to middle of chest.
3.  Must be a color photo.
4.  No sunglasses or hat.
5.  Position directly facing the camera.
6.  Eyes open and looking at the camera.
7.  Senior Portraits generally don’t meet the criteria.

When we approve your photo, we will create your ID.  Please know that you will need to present a government issued ID to pick up your UNH ID Card. Please upload your photo as soon as possible, so we may mail this to you prior to move in or your first day of class. If you have not received an invitation within 2 weeks prior to coming to campus please e-mail ID.Office@unh.edu.

UNH Faculty/Staff

UNH Faculty/Staff employees will use the same Online Photo process as students, outlined above. An e-mail will be sent to you when your ID is ready, and you may choose to have this mailed to you or is available for pick up at the Dining & ID Office. Please know that you will need to present a government issued ID to pick up your UNH ID Card. If you have not received an invitation within 1 week of working on campus please e-mail ID.Office@unh.edu.

Dining ID Office

Room 211 of the Memorial Union Building
83 Main Street, Durham NH 03824
(603) 862-1821 or UNH.Dining@unh.edu

Regular Hours:
Mon-Thurs: 8:00am - 2:30pm
Friday: 8:00am - 1:00pm

During the academic opening and closing as well as school breaks and holidays, hours may be different. Please check our home page for any announcements regarding hours of operation.

Why You Need a UNH ID Card:

Your UNH ID card is important to the campus. It allows you to get check out books at the library, gives you access to the fitness center, and gets you into your dorm. Your ID card is also used for Dining Dollar and Cat's Cache purchases as it holds the fund balances and works like a debit card. Here is a list of the many different ways you can use your UNH ID card!

Faculty and Staff Students
Hamel Recreation - Fitness Center Hamel Recreation - Fitness Center
Indoor Pool - FREE Cat’s Cache - On and off campus
Mendum’s Pond - FREE Dining Dollars - 5% discount
Cat’s Cache - On and off campus Student Dining Meal Plan
Dining Dollars - 5% discount Ride UNH Wildcat Transit - FREE
Faculty / Staff Dining Meal Plan University Library Card
Ride UNH Wildcat Transit - FREE UNH Dorm Access
University Library Card  
Appropriate Building / Lab Access  
UNH Bookstore - 20% discount  
Athletics - Sports events  
MUB Movies  

Lost ID Card/Protecting Yourself:

Replacing your ID card is of no charge if due to normal wear and tear as determined by the Dining ID Office. If you misplace your ID card, we recommend that you suspend activity immediately and order a new ID by filling out an online form to request a replacement, and we will email you when your new ID is ready for pick up at the Dining ID Office.

Only balances of meals, Dining Dollars, Cat's Cache, and guest passes on the card at the time it is suspended can be protected. No temporary cards will be issued. Until your ID card is replaced, you will not have access to your balances of any funds. Anytime meal plan holders can still access the dining halls using the hand scanners and typing in their student id number.

The owner of the ID card is responsible for its security and proper use and subject to a $25 fine for its unauthorized use.