What You Can Do

Doing your part: Here’s a list of ways you can help your community be sustainable.

In the dining halls

  • Think small: Don’t overfill your plate. You can always go back for seconds.                    
  • Take just one: Glass, napkin.
  • Use your travel mug instead of plastic or paper cups.
  • Eat in: Not only do you get to socialize but it saves on utensils and containers if you eat in the dining halls rather than taking food to go.
  • Say no to landfills: Recycle everything that can be recycled-paper, plastic, cardboard, cans

At home

  • Buy Local Products or Grow Your Own
  • Grow it yourself: start your own or join a community garden
  • Do it yourself: frequent “pick your own” farm for berries, apples, pumpkins, peaches and more!
  • Buy local, either at the multitude of farmers’ markets in the area, or your favorite grocery store where you’re likely to find a good selection of local produce.


Compost to reduce waste. Use it to make your garden grow. 
Composting Guide


Give to others and yourself. Volunteer. There are numerous opportunities throughout New Hampshire.
Take a look at Volunteer NH!

Energy conservation

From light bulbs to refrigerators, there are many ways to save money and conserve energy at home. Energy Star products may cost a little more but they last longer, and help the planet.

Water conservation

You can save water by using low-flow shower headers and toilets, washing dishes by hand, and watering your lawn sparingly.


Recycle to reduce waste. Contact your town’s recycling center for local guidelines or visit New Hampshire the Beautiful for more information.