Referral Bonuses

UNH Employees - Refer a Friend Program

To assist in the recruitment and retention of employees, UNH Hospitality and Campus Services has an Employee Referral Bonus Program. A referral bonus will be paid to any UNH employee who refers an individual to work in a position within Hospitality and Campus Services, whereas the referred person is hired and remains employed for specified periods of time. Departments include: UNH Dining, Conferences and Catering, Concessions, Print and Mail Services, Transportation, and Campus Services

Details of the program:

  • Referrer must be listed on the initial employment application in section [How did you hear about this employment opportunity?]
  • If more than one person is listed as the referrer on the application, only the first person named will be eligible for the referral bonus.
  • If the referred applicant is hired, the bonus payout to the referrer will be as follows:
    • If the referred employee works one full semester: Initial $125 bonus paid to the referrer if the new employee is scheduled to work 19 or fewer hours per week or $250 bonus paid to the referrer if the new employee is scheduled to work 20 or more hours per week.
    • The same referred employee works a second full consecutive semester: Additional $125 or $250 bonus paid to referrer based on scheduled hours worked.
  • Referrer needs to be actively employed and in good standing to receive bonus compensation.

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Referrer—UNH employee who recommends that a person apply for a position.
Referred—Individual who has been encouraged to apply for a position with Hospitality and Campus Services.

Semester—By the second Friday of classes through their last scheduled day for Fall and Spring terms.

Bonus—Specified dollar amount of $500 or $250 received in the referrer’s paycheck depending on scheduled hours worked. Bonus monies are not eligible for retirement contributions as per USNH policy.