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Here's what's cooking in our healthy kitchens: trans fats are gone, sodium use has been drastically reduced, and all-natural and organic foods have become routine staples.

We've also helped our guests navigate towards wholesome choices with our Wildcat Plate and the use of Guiding Stars® nutritional system. Just look for the stars.

More recently we have joined two great initiatives; Menus of Change and the Partnership for Healthier America all in an effort to bring about a healthier campus here at UNH.

Nutrition Table Events are focused around weekly Menus of Change principals as well as National Nutrition Month (March) - "Savor the Flavor of Eating Right".


UNH Dining: Nutrition

Learn more about UNH Dining's retail locations. Full dining video: Sustainability: Retail locations: Produced by Scott Ripley UNH Communications and Public Affairs


Meet the Dietitian

Picture of Rochelle L'Italien

Rochelle L'Italien M.S., R.D., L.D., UNH alumni has been Dining's registered dietitian nutritionist since 1992.


Custom Meals

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Custom meal orders for allergen/gluten-friendly and other individualized concerns can be place ahead of time for any of our dining halls.



Picture of allergen-free cooking stations

We assist guests with nutrition needs, from gluten-free diets, to multiple food allergies and intolerances.

Special Concerns

Menus of Change

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Learn about the changes we are making with our menus to bring about a healthier you!

Menus of Change

Wellness Meals

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You can eat healthy everyday with Wellness Meals.

Wellness Meals