Local Food Awareness

UNH Dining is committed to the sustainable mission of the University and strives to use as much local food as possible. We understand the importance of choosing foods that will benefit the local economy and the environment. We’ve created informational materials to increase awareness and help guide our guests to local and UNH grown food. Sustainability is not only a part of UNH Dining's daily operations, it is part of campus culture.

Local Harvest Initiative

As a land grant university, UNH is committed to supporting and advancing the state's agricultural economy. Small, family farms are part of our state's heritage and play a vital role in our economy and culture. The UNH Local Harvest initiative raises awareness and educates students, staff and community members about our local agricultural landscape and its role in sustaining our physical and economical health now and in the future.

Local Harvest Feast

Held each fall, the Local Harvest Feast is an evening of fine dining with mouth-watering creations, produced from local foods. Open to the public and students alike, this hugely popular event shows why supportive local agriculture and food producers is so important. During the evening, there are opportunities to meet local producers and browse their presentation tables.

Event Feedback

  • "Butternut squash ravioli is my reason for living! Soooo...good!"
  • "Dinner was super! Thank you guys so much! I'm super full and am probably going into a food coma, a good food coma."
  • "Great local food! Love it :)"
  • "The apricot ginger sauce for the ham was wicked good!"
  • "It was fantastic!!! Can we please have more events like this!!."
  • "I like it because of all the fresh/healthy food!"
  • "Local Fest was epic, good job Philly crew."
  • "Philly-Excellent job on Local Harvest! It's one of my favorite meals of the year-even better than Thanksgiving!! My personal favorites were the butternut squash ravioli (make it a regular!) and the apple crisp w/ice cream. Although I'm disappointed about losing Thursday late night, it looks like things are shaping up to be another great year here. The amatraciana sauce out tonight is very good! Keep it on the menu!!!

Vendor List

Number 4
Barber Foods - Portland, ME - frozen chicken

Number 17
Ducktrap River Fish Farm - Belfast, ME - smoked fish

Number 21
Gifford's Ice Cream & Candy - Skowhegan, ME - ice cream

Number 22
Grandy Oats - Brownfield, ME - granola

Number 43
Penobscot Frozen Foods - Belfast, ME - potatoes

Number 45
Pineland Farms - New Gloucester, ME - cheese, potatoes

Number 48
Shain's of Maine - Sanford, ME - ice cream

Number 57
Wymans of Maine - Milbridge, ME - blueberries, raspberries

Number 1
Abigail's Bakery - Weare, NH - bread for Dairy Bar

Number 2
Autumn View Farm - Pittsfield, NH - produce

Number 5
Bee Rich Apiaries - Hudson, NH - honey

Number 7
Berry Delicious Bakery - Plymouth, NH - gluten free pastries

Number 8
Blake's Creamery - Manchester, NH - ice cream

Number 9
Bonnie Brae Farms - Plymouth, NH - venison

Number 16
Duane Family Farms - Barnstead, NH - apple cider

Number 20
Fox Country Smokehouse - Canterbury, NH - smoked meats

Number 24     
Healthy Buffalo - Northwood, NH - specialty meats

Number 33
Lasting Legacy Farm - Barrington, NH - meats

Number 35
Mill City Roasting Co. - Manchester, NH - coffee

Number 36
Nellie's Nest - Monroe, NH - caged free eggs

Number 37
New Hampshire Cider Works - Concord, NH - apple cider

Number 38
New Hampshire Coffee Roasters - Dover, NH - coffee

Number 40
North Country Smokehouse - Claremont, NH - smoked sausage

Number 46
Pinewoods Yankee Farm - Lee, NH - grass-fed beef

Number 47
Portsmouth Lobster Co - Portsmouth, NH - lobster

Number 50
Stonyfield Farm - Londonderry, NH - yogurt

Number 52
UNH Farm to You - Durham, NH - herbs, fruit, vegetables

Number 53
UNH Organic Garden Club - Durham, NH - herbs, fruit, vegetables

Number 54
UNH Woodman Farm - Durham, NH - apples, peaches, blueberries

Number 58
Yankee Farmer's Market

Number 6
Ben & Jerry's - South Burlington, VT - ice cream

Number 10     
Cabot Creamery - Montpelier, VT - dairy products

Number 23
Green Mountain Coffee Roasters - Waterbury, VT - coffee

Number 31
King Arthur Flour - Norwich, VT - flour

Number 56     
Westminster Cracker Company - Rutland, VT - crackers

Number 3
Bake' N Joy - North Andover, MA - bread, pastries

Number 11     
Cains Foods - Ayer, MA - mayo

Number 13
Cedar's Mediterranean Foods - Ward Hill, MA - hummus & tabouli

Number 14
Colombo - Methuen, MA - frozen yogurt

Number 15
Costa Fruit & Produce - Boston, MA - fruit, produce, dairy

Number 18
East End Bagels - Ipswich, MA - bagels

Number 19     
Fantini Baking Co. - Haverhill, MA - breads

Number 25
HP Hood - Lynnfield, MA - milk

Number 26
Jessica's Brick Oven Bakery - North Andover, MA - specialty breads, rolls

Number 27
Joseph's Pasta Company - Haverhill, MA - pasta, sauces

Number 28
Kayem Foods - Chelsea, MA - meats

Number 29
Ken's Foods - Marlborough, MA - dressings, condiments

Number 30
Kettle Cuisine - Chelsea, MA - soups

Number 32
LaRonga Bakery - Somerville, MA - breads

Number 34
Marie & Ricardos - Canton, MA - wraps

Number 39
North Coast Seafoods - Bedford, MA - seafood

Number 41
Ocean Spray - Middleborough, MA - dried cranberries

Number 42
Old Neighborhood Foods, Lynn, MA - deli meats

Number 44
Piantedosi Baking Company - Malden, MA - breads

Number 49
Signature Breads - Chelsea, MA - breads

Number 51
Teddie Peanut Butter - Everett, MA - peanut butter

Number 59     
Yoplait Yogurt - Haverhill, MA - yogurt

Number 60
Zeppy's (Bagel Boy) - Lawrence, MA - bagels

Number 12
Carla's Pasta - South Windsor, CT - pasta, sauces