Temporary Permit Request EMPLOYEE/OTHER (non-students)

This form is for requesting to purchase a TEMPORARY (pay per day) EMPLOYEE/OTHER permit.

STUDENTS:  This permit is not for you!  Students may apply at the Student Temp Portal.

Any eligible employee who does not already have a current-year permit, and who has no outstanding parking tickets may request a pay-per-day "Temp" permit for up to 14 days (consecutive weekdays only; if you need individual non-consecutive days, submit individual requests for those days). Do not use this form if you have a current-year permit already.

If you already have a valid permit, but are just bringing an alternate vehicle, please use the alternate vehicle form
Visitors, please refer to the Visitor Parking info page for options.


  • Click on the "Go to Temp Permit Request Site" link, below, and enter the requested information at the site.
  • Approved orders will result in a personalized temporary permit sent to you as an email attachment (pdf). 
  • Temporary parking for Employees will be assigned to standard faculty/staff lots.  See campus parking map.  Remember Winter Parking Ban restrictions apply starting January 1.
  • Summer temps, including summer camper, may have a different assignment, e.g. Lot A .

Temporary permits are $10 per CALENDAR day.
Temp permits will not be issued to individuals with outstanding parking tickets.  To pay tickets, visit the citation payment site.
Applications subject to approval and may be adjusted or cancelled.  Do not park until you have been approved for, received, and displayed a valid temp!

No refunds for permits on or after the start date.
Orders are reviewed/fulfilled during business hours!  Applications submitted less than 2 days in advance of requested start date are not guaranteed.

Go to Temp Permit Request Site

Please call 862-1010 with any questions.

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