UNH Path

9 Steps on the UNH Path

Step 1.  Just checking to make sure you answered YES to at least one of the following questions. If so, please continue to Step 2. If you answered NO to all of the questions below, please go the Independent Path section. If you’re confused, contact Education Abroad.

  • Am I fulfilling an academic requirement?
  • Am I earning UNH credit?
  • Am I traveling with a Recognized Student Organization?
  • Am I traveling with a UNH faculty and/or staff member?
  • Am I participating on a trip that is supervised, arranged or sponsored by a UNH department or UNH faculty/staff?

Step 2.  Identify the type(s) of international experience you are considering. Call 862-2398 to schedule an appointment or to ask any questions about the international experience process.  Make sure to state what type of international experience you want either Internship, Volunteer or Research Abroad.

Step 3.  Come to your Advising appointment with all the information you have gathered about the international experience and be prepared to ask questions.

Step 4.  Once you and your advisor have confirmed that your experience meets the international experience criteria, you are required to determine your eligibility for an international experience. To do this, download this form and submit it to your Dean's Office.

Step 5.  Find out if you need a visa by checking with your program sponsor or the host country website. 

Step 6. Complete the mandatory online courses:

  • International Experience Health & Safety Preparation in Canvas. You will receive an invitation by email to join the course.
  • International SOS eLearning modules. Go to this link and register as a new user.  You must complete the 3 modules at least 3 weeks prior to departure:
    • Introduction to Membership
    • Student Travel-Your Security
    • Student Travel-Your Health & Well Being

Step 7.   Pay the international insurance fee that will be posted to your UNH student bill. For more information about the International Travel Assistance and Insurance Program see here.

Step 8.  Register your trip in the UNH International Travel Registry at least 3 weeks prior to departure.

Step 9.  Register with the US Embassy via The Smart Traveler Enrollment Program (STEP)