Health & Safety

International travelers are exposed to many new experiences but also to certain risks. This page offers international travelers resources to mitigate risks inherent to international travel. Safety is a global, national, regional, and local phenomenon. While no study abroad program can offer an absolute guarantee that students will be safe, many steps can be taken to reduce the risk of becoming injured or a victim of crime abroad. Above all, health and safety are the shared responsibility of the student traveler, their family, the program provider or host, UNH, and in-country police and service providers. All UNH students traveling abroad on University-related activities, such as UNH Managed, Exchange and Approved study abroad programs, are covered by  the UNH International Travel Assistance and Insurance Program. Study abroad students on UNH Managed, Exchange and Approved Programs participate in pre-departure orientation meetings and receive detailed health and safety information before they go abroad.

Below is a list of helpful health and safety resources to help in planning your abroad experience.

UNH Resources

U.S. Department of State Resources

Other Resources