International Travel Assistance & Insurance Program Benefits


Please click on the links below to review the insurance program coverage and exclusions.


Additional Coverage Recommendations

The UNH international plan does not include coverage for flights, trip cancellation/interruption, trip extension, spouse/dependents, belongings or personal liability for activities unrelated to your UNH work or study. These plans must be purchased at an additional cost.

UNH recommends that travelers purchase Trip Cancellation/Trip Interruption For Any Reason coverage.* If you choose not to purchase this additional coverage, you should consider buying flexible or insured plane tickets that can be changed/refunded for any reason.

Travelers may purchase Extended Travel or Spouse/Dependent insurance coverage as a consumer product directly from International SOS. In purchasing Extended Travel coverage, please note that the UNH program includes up to 7 days of personal deviation coverage (defined as travel prior to or after the school-sponsored trip).

For additional coverage that would include personal belongings or personal liability, you may want to research if this is included or could be added to renters' insurance, home owners insurance, credit card used to pay for trip, International Student/Teacher Identity card, or if these options are available for purchase at the Trip Cancellation/Trip Interruption link above.

*There is a small, limited trip interruption coverage only for traveler medical emergencies included in the Supplemental Travel Benefits. Refer to the Summary of Benefits above for details.