UNH Dining FAQs

Some of the information on this page may not be applicable this fall due to COVID-19. Please visit Covid-19 FAQS for the most up-to-date information or contact us at (603) 862-1821 with any questions you may have. Thank you for your patience.

1.) If students have unlimited access to the dining halls, why have Dining Dollars?

Dining Dollars are accepted at our retail establishments (Albert's, CornerStone 1926, Philbrook Cafe, UNH Dairy Bar, Union Court, Wildcatessen, Zeke's Cafe and all on-campus vending machines), open throughout the day and late at night, and can be used to purchase convenience items, school supplies, grab-and-go sandwiches, salads, pizza and coffee.

2.) What is the difference between Dining Dollars and Cat's Cache?

Dining Dollars are valid at all dining halls and in our retail establishments and vending machines. The perk is that when you use Dining Dollars to purchase items at Dining locations, you get a 5% discount at the register.

Cat's Cache is valid at all dining locations as well as on-campus and off-campus retail locations. You have to use Cat's Cache to do laundry in the dorms.

Dining Dollars carry over from fall to spring semester. Any remaining balance is nonrefundable and expires at the end of meal service in May.

Cat's Cache carries over semester to semester and year to year and is fully refundable.

3.) Can I add more Dining Dollars to my account?

Yes, with cash or check in the Dining ID Office in room 211 of the Memorial Union Building anytime (open M-F, 8a.m.-4:30p.m.).  Please contact the Dining/ ID Office for more information at  (603)862-1821.
Dining Dollar deposits may also be made at the Wildcatessen, Union Court, Holloway Commons, Philbrook Dining Hall, Dimond Library, Kendall Library, McConnell Hall and SERC C.

4.) Can I cash in some meals on my meal plan for Dining Dollars?


5.) Can other people use my ID card?

No. Your UNH photo ID, including everything programmed onto your card, is not transferable. Guests may use the dining hall with guest pass, an additional swipe of your ID card, Dining Dollars, Cat's Cache or cash. The card owner must be present.

6.) What if I have a food allergy or other nutrition concern?

Students with specific nutrition concerns or medically-restricted diets should meet with the registered dietitian, Rochelle L'Italien to review options for dining hall accommodations. While UNH Dining makes every effort to alert customers of items containing nuts through signage and recipe ingredient listings on our website, it is the responsibility of customers with food allergies or other nutrition concerns to make the final judgment on whether to eat the selected food. For questions about ingredients, please as a dining staff member.

7.) I am a parent trying to deposit money onto my child's Cat's Cache account online. How do I do this?

You can deposit money into your child's Cat's Cache account by going to: https://my.unh.edu/task/durham/cats-cache. Click on the "Make a Guest Deposit" button on the bottom. You will need to enter the student's last name with the proper capitalization and their 9 digit ID number and then click "Contribute". You will be asked for an amount and your credit/debit information. The money will be directly deposited onto your student's ID within minutes.

8.) What are Guest Passes?

Guest passes are included with all the UNH Dining meal plans and may be used to bring a guest into any dining hall. Additional guest passes are available for purchase at the Dining/ID Office.

9.) What are Meals to Go/Exchanges?

The Meal to Go option may be used for a takeout meal from any dining hall. The Meal Exchange option may be used to purchase food in the Union Court ($8 credit per meal) as an alternative to eating in the dining hall during peak lunch hours.

10.) What happens to my Faculty/Staff meal plan if I leave the University?

You may request to have them transferred to a non-photo ID card or get a refund for the balance. Stop by the Dining ID Office at least a week before you leave to determine what you’d like to do with the remainder of your meals.

11.) How do I get a refund for my Faculty/Staff meal plan?

Come to the Dining & ID Office to request your refund.


Meals To Go


1.) Do I have to purchase a To-Go Box?

It is a $3.25 one-time purchase for the reusable container. Every time you return to any one of our dining halls, you can exchange your used container for a clean one or an exchange loop good for a to-go box at a later time. It is that easy. 

2.) Why do I have to pay for a To-Go Box?

It is a $3.25 one-time purchase for the reusable container. Every time you return to any one of our dining halls, you can exchange your used container for a clean one or an exchange loop good for a to-go box at a later time. It is that easy. 

3.) Where can the To-Go Boxes be used?

Holloway Commons, Philbrook Hall and Stillings Hall.

4.) How many To-Go Boxes can each person have?

While there is no limit as to how many containers you may have, be aware that you will need to pay $3.25 for each one. We encourage you to only keep one container at a time.

5.) Do I have to wash my To-Go Box?

We handle the washing of all containers in our dishwashing facilities to ensure their proper sanitation. Participants can give their reusable to-go box to the dining hall cashier in return for a clean to-go box. We do ask that you please bring the container back as clean as possible.

6.) What happens if I forget my To-Go Box in my dorm room?

You will have two options if you forget your to-go Box. One, you can pay the $3.25  for another reusable to-go box or you can return to your room and bring the used container and receive a clean one at no charge.