Take Less, Waste Less

Help UNH Dining reduce waste. Take Less, Waste Less! #tlwlunh
Did you know that approximately 40% of the food in the United States is wasted annually? Please help UNH Dining reduce waste! Take Less, Waste Less. 
This initiative hopes to bring conscious awareness of food waste generated within the dining halls by our guests with the goal of reducing unconsumed food for the betterment of the environment. Currently, over 2 ounces of food pulp or ground up food waste, is generated per guest per visit. Our goal is to reduce that amount through a variety of g strategies utilizing the simple, but powerful slogan “Take Less, Waste Less” which highlights the critical role guests play in controlling the amount of food waste generated. The Take Less, Waste Less campaign will run throughout the academic year as Dining’s commitment to reduce unnecessary food waste.

Take Less, Waste Less Results

During lunch on Tuesday February, 16th approximately 188.5 Pounds of food waste was collected at #HollowayCommons over a two hour period. Help #UNHDining reduce food waste!  A special thanks to our wonderful  Dietetic Interns! See video at right for more information or read about UNH Dining's food waste campaign in the news here.

Take Less, Waste Less Results Video