UNH Dining Covid-19 FAQ

What is UNH Dining doing to keep my student safe?

Please take a look at some of the ways we have modified our service-style. 

The safety of our UNH community is important to us.  The following procedures are in place:

  • Students will check themselves in with their student ID
  • Hand sanitizer will be available at the entrance of each location, with additional hand sanitizing stations located throughout the facilities
  • All staff and students are required to wear masks
  • Meals will be served by staff in disposable containers
  • Dining hall seating will be at reduced density
  • Social Distancing will be required according to guidelines
  • High touch surfaces will be cleaned and disinfected at a minimum of every two hours
  • Plexiglass has been placed on our dining hall tables providing a protective barrier for you while you are eating and do not have your mask on. Please wear your mask anytime you are in the Dining Hall unless you are eating or drinking at a table. 
  • Sanitized tables are identified by a green, "Sit Here" sign. Please keep others safe by flipping the sign to red "Don't Sit" when you leave. This will let guests know that the seat has not yet been cleaned and should not be used. 
  • Staff will continue to follow the strictest safe food handling procedures

Is there handicapped access and seating available at the Dining Halls?

Yes, all handicapped access to the serving areas and seating areas are clearly marked. Associates are trained to offer assistance as request.

Meal Plans

Do I still need a higher-level unlimited plan if some cafes and c-stores aren’t operating and if all meals are take-out?

Premier and Campus meal plans come with dining dollars, the Core plan does not. Dining Dollars are accepted at two of our most popular late-night venues,  Wildcatessen & Philbrook Cafe, campus vending machines, and Café Central (at the Whitemore Center). When you use Dining Dollars to purchase items at dining locations, you get a and 5% discount at the register.

Meal & Menu

Where do I find staples such as condiments?

The beverage stations have an extensive selection of condiments, cereal, milk, and fresh fruit. 

How often do the dining hall menus change?

The three dining halls offer a different menu each day to offer more choices across campus. The menu cycle is three weeks long and changes each day.  Menus are on our website to help you choose which dining hall to visit on a particular day. 

Why is the dining experience not the same as last academic year or as it was during visits in selecting UNH?

Due to Covid-19 response and State of NH Department of Health and Human Service guidelines, UNH Dining cannot offer self-service options. This does not allow for self-serve dishes.

Are all meals served in take-out containers and can guests sit in the dining halls?

Currently, all selections are served by Dining’s staff and placed in take-out containers. Carry trays are available for drinks and side items. Seating is also reduced due to guidelines and the necessity to have 6 ft. distancing by guests to the service areas but allowed.

Unlimited meal plans come with guest passes.  Are these still honored and what about the value of them if not?

Guest passes are still honored, however currently not for guests outside of campus requirements for building access.  Unfortunately, that means family and friends not properly cleared can’t dine in our facilities.  Guest passes are not priced into the meal plan cost but offered as an extra incentive like a gift from Dining.

What is GrubHub and where can I use it?

GrubHub is a mobile food ordering app. It can be used at the Wildcatessen and Philbrook Cafe. In fact, all food orders from both the Wildcatessen and Philly Café must be placed using GrubHub. You can download the GrubHub app in the  App Store. To find UNH campus locations, you’ll need to opt into Campus Dining within the app and find UNH Durham. 

Can I use my meal plan on GrubHub?

You can use Dining Dollars, Cat’s Cache, or a credit/debit card. You will enter the payment information when completing your first transaction. Please note that the GrubHub app will automatically pull from your Dining Dollars first and then switch to Cat’s Cache if there are not sufficient Dining Dollars on the account. This is because your Dining Dollars eventually expire, so it is in your best interest to use those up prior to your Cat’s Cache.

I’m having trouble using my UNH ID on GrubHub, what should I do?

Start by checking the Payment tab in your GrubHub settings. This is where you should see a verified UNH Campus Card as a payment type. If you never received an email to verify your card, or you did not click the link to do so, this may prevent you from using the payment type. Try deleting the card and reentering your information. It is possible that there was a typo in the initial setup process. If these options do not work, please go to https://www.grubhub.com/help/contact-us to reach out to their Customer Support team.

Are finger vein scanners sanitary?

We anticipate using finger scanners during the 2021 Fall Semester. Finger scan machines are frequently cleaned and sanitized. Hand sanitizer is available throughout the dining halls. 


What are the plans for providing meal options for students with dietary restrictions?

For guests with special nutrition concerns the Allergen Friendly food stations will be open at Philbrook and at Stillings, featuring a rotating menu of foods prepared exclusively with ingredients that do not contain gluten nor the 8 most common food allergens: milk, eggs, fish, shellfish, tree nuts, peanuts, wheat, and soybean.  An online meal ordering system remains in place for any guest with special nutrition concerns. Additional information can be found here. 

Where do students pick up their online Dining Hall meal order?

Students looking to pick up their online orders will inform the receptionist to be directed to the lane that leads to the Serving Station that has their order ready for pick-up. In Stillings and Philbrook, that will be the Allergen Friendly Station. At Holloway, that will be the Main Line Stations.

How can I find the nutrition information?

Digital menu boards highlighting the 8 most common food allergens, as well as pork, alcohol, and if an item is vegetarian or vegan, are located at each station.  Menus and nutrition information are also available on the dining web page by location. Full ingredient information and nutrition facts based on the standardized recipe can be viewed by choosing the Analyze Menu button by any meal header and then clicking on the name of any listed menu item.

Will the salad bar be available?

The salad bar will be available at all three dining halls for your convenience during normal operating hours.

How can I get additional information on the online ordering system or ask additional questions?

For additional inquiries or to be able to use the online meal order system, please contact the Registered Dietitian, Rochelle L’Italien MS, RDN, LD at rochelle.litalien@unh.edu or 603-862-2583.