Menus of Change in Our Dining Halls

Menus of Change Initiative


To create a dynamic, invitational network of leading university based-scholars, foodservice business leaders and executive chefs to collaborate on research and education in support of culinary-centric, evidenced-based food systems innovation within and beyond universities.

This initiative leverages the unique position of universities to advance healthier, more sustainable life-long food choices among students-who will soon be parents and adult decision-makers by connecting a diversity of insights from academic programs and dining services.  In 2012, The Culinary Institute of America (CIA) and Harvard School of Public Health (HSPH)-Department of Nutrition launched Menus of Change. By embracing the 24 principles and implementing them over time centered around Menu Concepts and General Operations and Food and Ingredients our goal is to migrate guest’s appetite towards healthy, sustainable choices. UNH Dining is one of 37 university dining programs to join the Menus of Change initiative and is an active member on a number of work groups driving this initiative nationwide.  

Principles of Healthy, Sustainable Menus

Principle of Healthy, Sustainable Menus
Dining has plans to incorporate all of the 24 Menus of Change principles into the dining program as a strategic approach to making UNH a more healthier campus. See examples of what our great chefs are doing in each of the dining halls below. Educational Nutrition Tables are scheduled on a regular basis. See current schedule.

Featured Principle

Reduce added sugar. UNH offers fruit at the yogurt station with no sugar added. We offer plain Greek yogurt with no added sugar, fruit and herb-infused water, healthy herbs and oils for flavoring foods instead of added sugar.
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Holloway Commons

Executive Chef Christopher Kaschak creates composed small plate creations like Chicken Del Rio, Asian Salmon

Stillings Hall

Stillings Hall creates Infused Burgers as part of the Menus of Change

Philbrook Hall

Dim Sum Bar created by Executive Chef Todd Sweet at Philbrook Hall