Meals to Go

meals_to_goTake your meal to go!

We offer a plastic reusable to-go box for those guests who have a Core, Campus, Premier or Swipe Meal Plan and wish to take their meal from the dining halls to eat on the go or to take back to their dorms. These boxes may be purchased with a one-time fee of $3.25 using Dining Dollars, cash or credit card. When the guests returns for their next Meal to Go, they can return the used to-go box and receive a clean one for NO charge or receive a green “exchange loop” to be used to claim a new box at a later time. 

In an effort to be more sustainable, we've replaced the disposable to go containers with a reusable to-go box. By using reusable containers, you will join others in the effort to reduce waste on our campus

The Meal Exchange option may be used for at Union Court in lieu of Meals to Go.