Dining Dollars

What are Dining Dollars?

Picture of products that can be purchased at Dining's retail locations

Dining dollars can be used at all UNH Dining establishments, including the Union Court, Wildcatessen, Philbrook Cafe, Albert's, Zeke's Cafe, UNH Dairy Bar, CornerStone 1926, all dining halls and on-campus vending machines.

When you make purchases using Dining Dollars, the amount of your transaction is subtracted from your total balance. The perk is that when you use Dining Dollars to purchase items at Dining locations, you get a 5% discount at the register. There are no fees of any kind associated with this account. The balance carries from fall to spring semester. Any balance remaining at the end of meal service in May will be forfeited.

When you purchase a Campus Premier or Campus Plan, your Dining Dollars are added to your UNH ID card that acts like a debit card. At any time during the year, you can open an account on your ID card through the Dining/ID office and add as much or as little money as you want.

UNH Dining: Retail Locations

Learn more about UNH Dining's retail locations. Full dining video: https://youtu.be/YvIG8XkX3jc Sustainability: https://youtu.be/vAHUgrvVBCo Nutrition: https://youtu.be/TSggtecObQI Produced by Scott Ripley UNH Communications and Public Affairs

How Do I Make Deposits?

Dining Dollars can be purchased by mailing a check, payable to UNH, to the Dining/ID Office; be sure to include the student’s name and ID number. The amount of the check will be deposited into that student’s account and activated as soon as we receive it. Dining Dollars can be billed to student accounts through the online remittance form during eligible periods. Dining Dollars can be added at any time during the school year until the second Friday of semester II. Visit https://unh.edu/business-services/remit/ or the Dining/ID Office located at Holloway Commons.

Deposits can be made at the Dining/ID office with cash or a check. Students can also use cash, credit cards or debit cards at one of our convenient Dining Deposit Centers located at:

Wildcatessen in Stillings, Memorial Union Building (MUB), Holloway Commons, Philbrook Dining Hall, Gables North Building, Dimond Library, Kingsbury Library  and Computer Lab, UNH Manchester, and in SERC C.

How Do I Protect My Balances?

During normal business hours call the Dining/ID Office at (603)862-1821 to have a card suspended. Only the balance on the card at the time the card was suspended can be protected.