Custom Meal Order Form

This custom meal service is a pre-approved accommodation option in collaboration with Student Accessibility Services and Dining Services. Approved use of custom meal orders for allergen/gluten-friendly and other individualized concerns are to be place ahead of time for any of our dining halls at the link provided. Each meal order is assembled in the main kitchen using separate ingredients and separate pans and utensils on clean surfaces away from the self-serve food stations. Please note timing for placing orders and other details below.


  • Breakfast or Lunch: send in the night before or by 6am the day of; Dinner by noon the day of.
  • Choose meal options from daily menu or optional custom combination suggestions.
  • For your flexibility we will hold your prepared meal within a 2-hour window of the time noted for meal pick up.
  • One meal per form; multiple meal orders can be sent in days ahead, if preferred.
  • Dining hall hours can change based on time of year and other conditions. Please check location hours prior to placing your order here.

For your flexibility we will hold your prepared meal within a two hour window of your time. 
Meal Order Request - Two Options
ONLINE MENU CHOICES - Use the online menu to choose the dining hall location and menu date, use Set Filters option and Nutrition Analysis to review full ingredients to locate items that suit your specific needs. After review type your selections in the box. 
  • Breakfast: Choose protein, starch, oil, seasonings, add-ons, fruit (ideas such as egg or tofu scramble with vegetables, choose oil, vegetables, seasonings, vegan cheese if desired, etc.).
  • Lentil Pasta and Sauce - choose, protein, cheese, oil, seasonings, vegetables
  • Burrito Salad Bowl – choose protein, starch, vegetables, oil, cheese, seasonings, toppings
  • Quesadilla – choose oil, protein, cheese, seasonings, starch, toppings
  • Stir Fry – choose protein, starch, vegetable, oil, seasonings, sauce
  • Entrée/Vegetable/Starch – choose protein, vegetable, starch, other
Before Clicking Submit button Please Note the Following
  • Once the order is submitted it will be emailed to the chefs, managers, and supervisors of the selected dining hall. Your order will be scheduled according to the timing of your stated pick-up time.
  • If there are any questions about your order, a staff will reach out to you according to your contact information stated.
  • If you have questions or need to cancel an order after placing, please call the dining hall where you ordered: Holloway Commons 603-862-0710, Philbrook Dining Hall 603-862-9331.
  • For meal pick up simply arrive to the dining hall at the time of meal stated (or within 2 hours of that) and ask at the reception stand which station the meal will be ready for you to pick up.
Click the Submit button below to place your order.
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