Learn about Union Court in the Memorial Union Building

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Union Court

Union Court is a shining star, five points just like the five stations, located right in the heart of campus at the Memorial Union Building. There is always something to watch or somewhere to relax while enjoying your meal at Union Court, with it being located right near many of the liveliest activity centers or coziest corners on campus. The inside is broken into 5 main stations with a few smaller areas mixed in. The five stations, Creative Greens, Artisan Fresh, Serrano, Sushi with Gusto, and Café Spice provide a diverse selection of meals for just about anyone and everyone, not just the students! Aside from the main stations, there are a few smaller sections that offer items like soft drinks, waters, pick-me-up beverages, gum, snacks, and more! Whether you’re looking to eat a meal like its your last one, or just needed that quick cup of coffee you’ll find something you’re looking for.

Creative Greens

Bowl of salad and a wrap from Creative Greens

One of the most popular food locations on campus, Creative Greens offers a wide range of grains and greens. There is a menu listed salads, such as the Buffalo Chicken Salad, and unique grain bowls, like the Firecracker Grain Bowl. For those who prefer to take favor matters into their own hands, there is the option to pick all your own ingredients to tune the salad for your tastes. When opting to build your own salad, you also are given that chance to add one protein of your choosing. On top of all that, “Make it a Wrap!” option adds a layer deeper of customization, and you can start to see why this place is so popular!

Artisan Fresh

Burgers from Artisan Fresh in their to-go boxes

Our breakfast and bistro station, Artisan Fresh, is also another hopping location here on campus. Offering a wide variety of All Day Breakfast items from breakfast sandwiches, breakfast burritos, muffins, bagels, and more. But it doesn’t end there. If you’re already filled up on breakfast, we have a smattering of listed sandwiches, melts, and burgers all customizable with options like avocado, Beyond Burger® patty, double patty, and jalapeno bacon! We of course offer standard fries to go with our burgers, but we also offer Seasoned Jersey Fries, mozzarella sticks, chicken tenders, and even fried pickles! For cold days, we offer soups, and for hard days you can find some comfort food with our mac and cheese. This place has got something for just about everyone, so why not stop in and try it yourself?



People sharing food from Serrano's

We absolutely love our southern neighbor, and we know you do too! That’s why we are show it with our next stop on the Union Court Tour, Serrano! Your one stop on campus spot for that “Fresh Mex” flavor! Headlining Serrano’s menu is the Build Your Own Quesadilla, a path which has many paths to choose from. Do you walk the path of Bean, Chipotle Chicken, Beef Barbacoa, or Pork Carnitas? The choice is yours! Customers can also choose their preferred beans and rice. Quesadillas aren’t the only thing we’ve got, as options to make it into a bowl or a burrito are also available! Want to know the best part? Included with each purchase is a side of crispy tortilla chips!

Sushi with Gusto


For the next station to explore we have Sushi with Gusto, the top stop for the best grab-and-go sushi on campus! The sushi is made fresh daily, so questionable quality is never a concern. There are options for the vegetarian, and a variety of invertebrates to choose from. Ginger, Wasabi, and Soy sauce come bundled with each serving so you can spruce it to your own liking. Whether you are a sushi fiend who has just discovered your new favorite part, or someone looking to try something new, Sushi with Gusto is just the place for you.

Café Spice

The Newest addition to the Union Court family, Café Spice brings a completely new set of flavors to the table! For some these might be flavors that remind you of home, for others it could be your first exposure to South Asian cuisine! There are some timeless menu items like the Chicken Tikki Masala and Handmade Potato Samosas up for grabs, as well as some dishes many may have never tried before. For example, the Channa Masala is a vegetarian option with chickpeas and onion guaranteed to wow you! If you haven’t tried the foods from countries such as India, do yourself a favor and stop in. We’ll be glad to give you that first experience in that vibrant section of the culinary world!

So, what is your interest piqued yet? Students who are looking for some fuel for that noggin, come on in! From new students this semester who just transferred in and are looking for a classic campus experience, or a senior who hasn’t stopped in for a while, the doors are open, and the stations are prepped. We will see you here!