A pescatarian is essentially a vegetarian but eats only fish and other seafood. As a student with food limits, UNH’s dining halls are very accommodating. Being a pescetarian restricts what I will eat and sometimes it is a bummer because the food looks really good. But I still have plenty of options to choose from.

There are always a couple of vegetable options offered on the main line as well as a “vegan” section that always has a few options to choose from, stir fry also has a colorful variety with tofu and shrimp as added protein. The salad bar is amazing with how many greens and legumes one can choose from. The deli bar is a go-to for lunch when I am in a rush and can take a sandwich to go. My favorite is when the main line has salmon with this spicy sauce, I go crazy for that! Not only do the dining halls have things for people with food accommodations but also the campus cafés. My go-to at Cornerstone in Paul College is the breakfast burrito which is vegetarian friendly along with a strawberry açaí refresher. 

Sometimes it is harder to find something different on the weekends because of the limited menus at the dining halls, but they always have pizza, salad bar, and cereal. And breakfast is served until 4 pm which is great if you want to sleep in. Sometimes for a later dinner on the weekends, I get a cheese quesadilla with spinach and onions at Wildcatessen paired with a blue Powerade.

Overall, the options are there for people with nutritional limits. Somedays are better than others but it is nice how much variety is offered.   Here are a few of my creations (below).

  • The breakfast burrito and strawberry açaí at Cornerstone1926 🌯 
  • A colorful salad creation I made at the salad bar 🥗
  • Vegan buffalo nuggets paired with broccoli and some pasta!