Did you know we offer Java Tree Coffee at the Dairy Bar and Albert’s Café?  Java Tree Coffee is a family-run business that is centered around its philosophy of fairness.  They are dedicated to offering top-quality products, real-world, practical advice, expert training in coffee, tea, and smoothie preparation, timely responses to all customer questions, and supporting Fair Trade certified coffees.

The Fair Trade Certification is given to businesses that meet the rigorous standards of safe working conditions, environmental protection, sustainable livelihoods, and community development funds.  It is a “world-changing way of doing business.”  Java Tree Coffee guarantees their independent growers receive a fair wage for their labor, allowing them to support their families and end the cycle of poverty that plagues these regions.  Java Tree Coffee has a longstanding relationship in the coffee industry that provides them with access to the best farms and estates that bring customers the best beans.  This longstanding relationship goes hand in hand with Fair Trade’s theory of change to have a positive impact on small farmers’ lives for years to come.