Spring High Tunnel Produce

Photo of salad, UNH high tunnels, greens, Chef Zachary Marshall

Spring Produce

For over 10 years now, Farm to YoU NH students at the Food Production Field Experience class have been growing a mix of vegetables and produce for the UNH Dairy Bar, Dining Halls and Conferences and Catering. Located at the Fairchild Dairy Teaching and Resource Center, just a short walk from the UNH campus, are a series of high tunnels that produce a variety of crops even in New England winters!

The tunnels are not heated and use the power of the sun and insulation alone, and can reach temperatures of up to 80 degrees Fahrenheit in the winter. Students work to produce 6,000 pounds of food a year and over 30 different types of crops, all of which are then harvested and utilized by UNH Hospitality Services.  

Winter produce is usually planted in December and able to be harvested just in time for the Spring semester. During the winter months greens and root vegetables are primarily grown, along with turnips, radishes, squash and corn. Philbrook Hall is provided with micro greens, which can often be seen used as a garnish for entrées. Executive Chef Zac Marshall uses fresh ingredients like chili pepper and other spices to prepare a Mexican mole sauce that is made in large batches and used throughout the year. Keep an eye out for leafy greens like spinach, arugula and veggies at the UNH Dairy Bar and Dining Hall salad bars.

Farm to YoU NH focuses on growing produce that you can really taste the quality and care in. Additional information about the program can be found here: https://farmtoyounh.com/.