Digital Dining Menu Boards

digital menus

Here at UNH Dining, we take food allergies very seriously. Self-serve food stations pose the risk of cross-contact of allergens, that's why we implemented digital menus in all three dining halls. A digital menu board is located at just about every food station. This helps our guests identify menu items and information such as portion size, some nutrition facts, vegetarian or vegan status, any of the top 8 potential allergens, pork, alcohol, dairy, gluten status, and Guiding Star rating. Dining hall menus run on a three week cycle and are posted 10 days at a time. Information is generated from standardized recipes with specific ingredients and procedures.

Access to our dining hall menus and nutritional information can also be found on our website and on any mobile device via the Dining section of the UNH Mobile app. For inquiries about specific products, brands, manufacturer ingredients and allergen status, or for any nutritional concerns, our registered Dietitian, Rochelle L'Italien is available.