Vegan and Vegetarian Options in the Dining Halls

Vegan and Vegetarian Options in the Dining Halls

Many of our guests are looking for healthy, plant-based meals. UNH Dining has a lot of great choices! A good deal of ingredients are sourced locally and sustainably, and plant-forward menus are created to ensure vegetarian and vegan students have options. Do you have questions or need help navigating the dining halls? Our Registered Dietician, Rochelle L’Italien is here to help with personal nutrition goals, specialized nutrition concerns and healthy meal combinations.


Salad bar photo Stillings

Specialty Bars
Our specialty bars are customizable! Choose and combine offerings to your liking. Make your own healthy creation and try the salad bar. Our taco and stir-fry bars have vegan options like tofu, beans and vegetables. The burger bar serves veggie burgers and you can make your own vegan and vegetarian sandwiches at the deli bars. Want vegan cheese at the grilled cheese bar? You got it! Many bars offer beans, lentils, quinoa and other whole grains and plant proteins.


Photo of Oatmeal and Coffee

Rise and shine! Fuel your day with a delicious breakfast. We offer soy milk for cereal and coffee, tofu and broccoli breakfast scrambles, fresh fruit, oatmeal and vegan pancakes. Try the open-faced bagel veggie sandwich at Stillings. And keep an eye out for the crepe bar that includes vegetarian filling options!  


Vegan Lunch

Have you tried our vegan bowls yet? Our favorite is the Burrito Buddha Bowl! How about a vegan burger available at grill stations. Do you like gyros? We do too! The Gyro bars include falafel, hummus and vegetables. Watch for the spaghetti bars with vegan and vegetarian options too.

Photo of Poke Bowl

What’s for dinner? There are vegan and vegetarian menu items on our main lines every day including South West vegan chicken, vegan buffalo nuggets, vegan pad thai and vegan eggplant. The rotisserie stations feature vegetables, beans and baked potatoes. How about the poke bowl bar? This is one of the main dishes of native Hawaiian cuisine. Customize with rice, beans, vegetables, spices and herbs.

Photo of Dairy Free Milk and Vegan Cookies

Have a sweet tooth? We serve delicious vegan and vegetarian cookies daily like chocolate chip, oatmeal raisin and M&M. Perfect with a cup of dairy free milk! Have you spotted the ice cream bars yet? Served weekly at all halls with dairy free ice cream options.

Find What You Need
Digital menu boards are available at food stations in the dining halls to help identify vegan and vegetarian menu items. Look for the “V” and “VG” symbols. Know before you go! Check the menus online 10 days in advance and click on menu items for full ingredients, nutrition facts and allergens. Set filters to view only vegan and vegetarian options. You can also download the UNH Mobile app to access dining hall menus and more on any mobile device.