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Hood House is the home of Career and Professional Success, where virtual interviews take place for both students and employers.

Career and Professional Success is prepared to support our students and employers online in a number of ways. While the COVID-19 situation continues to develop, the University of New Hampshire will continue to update the community with information here. Details for students and employers can be found below regarding online services and recruiting opportunities. Should you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to


Book an Online Appointment

Schedule career counseling appointments on Handshake (via Zoom):

Career appointments will be hosted virtually using Zoom and scheduled through Handshake. Log in to Handshake to schedule an appointment like you would at any other time.

  • Once you’ve selected your appointment category and type, you’ll see an option to select your Appointment Medium, which will default to "Video Call." Appointments will be completed using Zoom.
  • In the appointment confirmation email (sent to your UNH email), you will receive both a link and a phone number for the Zoom meeting (you can join by phone call or from a computer). Upon clicking on the link, you'll be entered in a virtual waiting room until the counselor lets you into the meeting.
  • For troubleshooting with Zoom: ZOOM HELP GUIDE

How to Schedule an Appointment

We're here. We're ready. Let's figure this out together, UNH Students. Book a career counseling appointment online via Handshake

24/7 Online Career Resources

Career and Professional Success offers a number of websites and platforms at all times that you can use to have your resume reviewed, practice interview techniques, network with alumni, learn about career options around the world, and more!


Search and apply for jobs and internships, browse on-campus and work-study positions, research employers, schedule counseling appointments, and much more.


Video interviewing platform that allows you to practice interviewing and review your performance! 


Resume review tool that uses artificial intelligence to assess and offer instant feedback on your resume.


Wildcats to bring students and alumni together online to ask questions, seek guidance, coach, inspire, and share professional success stories.


A comprehensive course introducing you to life after school (personal finance, health insurance, retirement accounts, taxes - you name it!) Sign up for Real World Ready with this link and the code UNH20 to skip payment and sign up for free.


Helps job and internship seekers find opportunities at home and abroad. Search Career Guides specific to countries or cities around the world, learn more about the visa application process, and much more! 

Attend Online Employer Events

Many employers are shifting all recruiting activities to online and virtual sessions. These continue to be found through Handshake under the "Events" tab. 


PLEASE NOTE: Many on-campus career events scheduled between now and April 3 will be canceled or postponed. These changes will be reflected in Handshake, via email from your college CaPS team, or by checking our social media accounts (linked below).

Additional Campus Student Support Services

University offices that support students in a variety of ways are still available to help you. Click here to see a listList of Campus Support

Additional Manchester's Campus Resources are located here: MANCHESTER CAMPUS SUPPORT

Additional Opportunities

Follow the Wildcat Way to Professional Success by engaging in community service. Learn more at CIVIC AND COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT

Frequently Asked Questions for Students

For situation and employer-specific information, CaPS Career Counselors are available via Handshake to help navigate through more personalized questions.


1) If I am in a non-credit bearing internship this semester, should I continue to take my direction from my employer/supervisor?

Yes, many employers have migrated to virtual work. They may or may not expect you to complete your non-credit bearing internship virtually, based on the nature of the work. If the nature of the work requires you to be in person, and:

  • Your employer is now virtual, ask if there is other work that you can do
  • Your employer has not moved to virtual work and you are uncomfortable working on site, request working remotely or to end your internship

Whatever the length of your non-credit internship, it is appropriate to list it on your resume.


2) I am concerned about my summer internship. What should I do to be proactive?

Domestically, we understand that many employers are moving forward with their internships. According to a National Association for Colleges and Employers poll,  85% of employers, are continuing their internship programs as planned. Internationally, many have been or will likely be cancelled. Some tips:

  • Begin now to look for alternative internships if yours has been cancelled – there are over 2,000 currently posted in Handshake and many more on the major job boards
  • Reach out to your internship site contact for an update
  • Do not rush to a decision to renege your internship offer - seek counsel from a career counselor first


3) What can I do to gain experience/build skills if I cannot secure an internship?

No doubt, employers value and expect graduates to have learning experiences - to gain skills that prepare them to add value in their first job and beyond. There are lots of references to the skills that employers value most – typically topping the lists:

  • Problem Solving/Critical Thinking
  • Teamwork
  • Communication/Interpersonal Skills
  • Planning and Organizing

The good news is  no matter what you are studying, you have developed these skills. The other good news is, these skills can be developed in lots of ways – volunteering, community service, projects, part-time work, etc.  Next step, demonstrate you have the skills through your cover letter, resume, and interviews.

1) I was planning to attend an upcoming event that has been cancelled. How can I get more information about those employers and opportunities?

Follow Handshake’s instructions on how to View Employers Attending an Upcoming Career Fair to find more information on the employer and their open jobs. To receive notifications of new jobs or events make sure you follow employers by selecting the star on their page.

1) I am scheduled for an interview with an employer that will now be virtual, what should I do to prepare?

  • Make sure an updated resume is on Handshake for employers to pull for the interview - this way, they have the most current version
  • Preparation is key as outlined in this blog post
  • Practice, practice, practice -  InterviewStream is a great tool

2) What do I do if I sign up for virtual interviews in Handshake?

  • Apply the same way that you would have for on-campus interviews.
  • Once you are permitted to choose an interview time slot, click the Zoom meeting link next to your time slot to register with Zoom for the interview.
  • After you register, you will receive an email from Zoom with the password for your interview.
  • When joining your interview, enter the password when prompted. You will be automatically placed into a virtual waiting room. The employer will move you into the interview once they are ready for you.
  • Please reach out to with any questions, or if you do not receive the interview password.

1) What can I do to protect myself from a declining job market?

One of the absolute best ways to find the job you want is through networking. Consider, for now and the future, networking as your critical survival skill. Countless surveys and research efforts conclude that the vast majority of successful job searches happen via networking.

If you have not joined Wildcat Connections, join now and make it your goal to connect with people regularly. Think about creating your personal Advisory Board – you can’t go wrong; our alumni are eager to support you.


2) I am nervous that the job offer that I have accepted may be rescinded. Should I reach out to my recruiter/hiring manager?

Yes, stay in touch with your employer contacts and follow your employer on LinkedIn to stay current.


We are interested in hearing about any impacts to your current college recruiting plans, especially for entry-level and summer internship hiring. Please take this quick poll. As you can imagine this is a very stressful time for our students, so any insight you provide will be very helpful.

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Virtual Engagement

Interviews, information sessions, and more can be conducted virtually through Zoom. Schedule virtual interviews or information sessions through Handshake. Learn about Career and Professional Success's policies and best practices on our Recruiting at UNH page.

If interested in additional event options, such as virtual drop-ins and panel meetings, or would like to discuss your recruitment options, please contact

Helpful Handshake Recruiting Resources


Use Handshake to advertise opportunities and activities to all of our students and recent graduates. 

Zoom Troubleshooting and Best Practices

Problem Solving Zoom

Audio Issues
Permission Problems

It is important to understand that meeting 'hosts' and meeting 'participants' will see different tools and different tool permissions

Network Issues

It is highly recommended to use a 'wired' network connection to the internet for all web conferencing events- especially for meeting hosts!

  • Zoom has a checklist for wireless meetings if you decide to use one.
  • Best practices for preparing my computer for a web conference?
    • Close every browser and all programs not needed for the event (especially e-mail programs that may be 'slowing' your connection to the internet.)
  • After going through this checklist, if you are having trouble connecting to Zoom, there is a small chance that Zoom is having network issues

Still having issues? Contact