Handshake for Students & Alumni

UNH Career and Professional Success uses Handshake to connect students to their counselors and hiring employers, and host career events

Handshake helps you connect with professional success!

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  • Search and apply for full-time jobs and internships
  • Search and apply for part-time and/or work-study positions on campus or in the local community
  • Schedule an appointment with your college's Career and Professional Success team to discuss your career documents (resumé, cover letters, etc.), job/internship search process, and much more 
  • Learn about and attend career success events, programming, professional development opportunities, and recruiting events

Search for Jobs in Handshake

You can search for both on- and off-campus part-time jobs, work-study positions and internships in Handshake. Jobs are posted throughout the year, so continue to check in Handshake!

If you have a question for a specific department regarding employment opportunities and there are no positions currently posted online, please reach out directly to the department to inquire about their hiring timeline.

  1. Log in to Handshake.
  2. Go to Jobs at the top of your dashboard.
  3. Click On-Campus to filter results
  4. View and apply to jobs!
Handshake screen shot of job search filter
  1. Log in to Handshake.
  2. Go to Jobs at the top of your dashboard
  3. Click Filters.
  4. Select the Work study checkbox
  5. Select See Jobs to save the filter
  6. View and apply to jobs!

NOTE: Work-study eligibility is not saved in your Handshake profile; therefore, you may notice that you will be viewed as "not matching employer preferences." Employers have been notified that this is not necessarily the case, and the employer will still receive and review your application. You will be responsible for communicating with the employer if you have work-study eligibility or not. If any questions, please email caps@unh.edu

Handshake screenshot of work-study filter
  1. Log in to Handshake.
  2. Go to Jobs at the top of your dashboard.
  3. Click Internships to filter results
  4. View and apply to jobs!
  1. Log in to Handshake.
  2. Go to Jobs at the top of your dashboard.
  3. Click Full-time job or Part-time to filter results
  4. View and apply to jobs!

Employment Disclaimer for Students

Career and Professional Success verifies all employers and job postings that are on Handshake, however, it is the responsibility of the students and alumni to take the necessary precautions when submitting personal information, interviewing, and accepting any type of position. Applicants should never provide their birth dates, Social Security numbers, credit card numbers, bank account information or other private information when communicating with prospective employers or responding to opportunities online. Career and Professional Success is not responsible for any other job board or means of employment that an applicant finds outside of Handshake. If you see a position in Handshake (or ANY job site) and/or receive an email from an employer that you believe may be a scam, please notify UNH Career and Professional Success immediately by calling 603-862-2070 or emailing caps@unh.edu, and we will look into the matter on your behalf. If you believe you are the victim of fraud resulting from a job listing, please contact UNH Police at (603) 862-1427.