On Campus Recruiting

Recruit the Wildcat Way by coming to campus to interview students and increase your organization's brand awareness. Make requests in Handshake and let us do the work for you! We will manage the interview schedule, reserve location and parking, and implement a full marketing campaign. 

Refer to the Academic/On Campus Recruiting calendar below for best on-campus recruiting days and times and blackout dates. All requests are to be made 3 weeks prior to the desired date.

On Campus Interviewing

We believe the best way, the Wildcat Way, to have a successful on-campus interview day is to post your job opportunity with your on campus interviewing request. Take advantage of the Wildcat Way and let us do the work for you! All requests are to be made 3 weeks prior to the desired date to ensure successful marketing to students. Services provided include:

  • Interview schedule management
  • Location reservation
  • Convenient parking
  • Student marketing campaign
  • Resume packet via email
  • Day of logistics
  • Lunch (full day interviewing only)

Manage Your On Campus Interview Schedule

If you have chosen to have resumes emailed to you, you will receive email notifications when someone has applied. If you have chosen to accumulate resumes online, you must sign into Handshake to check on any updates.

Login to your Handshake  account and click on the middle section under Request an Interview. You will be able to click on your personalized schedule. 

  • The top left tab is where you can Review Applicants.
  • The middle tab is where you can Build Interview Packets.
  • The top right tab is where you can Manage Jobs. You can edit/delete your existing job, create a new job or copy job details.  
  • The middle of the page under your scheduled date is where you can edit any time slots and also student sign ups.
  • Please pay careful attention to the Timeline on the left hand side. These are important application deadlines.

Request an On Campus Interview

Start by logging  into your Handshake account.

View a step-by-step guide to request your on campus interview. 

Just want an interview room? Select Room Only when making a request . A student interview list is required prior to your confirmed interview date. Please use provided template and fill out in entirety. 

Additional Information:

  • Log in help
  • Post positions for interviews
  • View types of interview schedules

Best Practices

  • Make your request and post your position(s) ahead of time (3 week requirement). 
  • Email Employer Relations with any company marketing content and social media handles so we can get your brand out to students as best as possible.
  • We can not guarantee interview sign ups. If you are new to campus, boost your on campus interviewing by requesting a Tabling session prior to your interview date.
  • Suggested days and times: Monday – Friday, 8:00 AM – 4:00 PM  -  see below for black out dates.

Informational Tabling

Hosting an information table at UNH is a great way to raise brand awareness, market open positions, and meet new students. There are two options for tabling on campus: College-specific recruitment tabling locations and tabling locations in the Memorial Union Building (our student center), one of the busiest locations on campus.

Memorial Union Building Location ($75) - NEW RECRUITMENT OFFERING THIS YEAR

  • Located in the heart of our campus, the Memorial Union Building (MUB) is our student center and draws thousands of students through the doors daily. 
  • Tabling occurs just outside of “Union Court,” one of our busiest and most active counter-service dining locations. 
  • Interact with students from all programs at UNH in a highly visible MUB location.
  • Recommended tabling times are Monday-Thursday, 10:00 AM - 2:00 PM.

College-Specific Locations (Free to book)

  • Target specific colleges or majors with a location in the academic building where particular majors/colleges frequent. 
  • Locations will be assigned based on your desired recruitment location. 
Services provided with each location:
  •  Table and two chairs
  •  Convenient parking
  •  Student-focused social media marketing

Request an On Campus Informational Tabling

Login to your Handshake  account

Follow the below UNH requirements and use Handshake's step by step guide to request your informational tabling event. Once the event is created, it will be sent for approval to Career and Professional Success. You will be notified via email within 3 business days.

Event Name = "Company Name - Informational Tabling Event"

Format = School-hosted

Host School = University of New Hampshire

Type = employer on-site

Description = Please be as detailed as possible. This description will be used for marketing purposes and visible to students.

Best Practices

  • Post your position(s) prior to making a request so we can market your on campus visit with your position.
  • Include as much information as possible in the description section of your request in Handshake for students. If you are an employer that can message students and/or download resumes, you can also reach out to students ahead of the date that you will be on campus. Student messaging and resume information can be found here.
  • Email Employer Relations with any company marketing content and include social media handles so we can get your brand out to students as best as possible.
  • We can not guarantee attendance for informational tabling.
  • Informational Tabling suggested days and times: 3-hour blocks, TWTH, 10:00 AM to 3:00 PM -  see below for blackout dates
  • What to bring: company flyers, job descriptions, computer with company slide show, branded table cloth, branded signs, notebook for student interest sign-ups (we will not be able to print materials day of)
  • Students love FREE FOOD – pizza, donuts, candy (you are responsible for bringing it and cleaning up)

Academic/On Campus Recruiting (OCR) Calendar

Fall 2019 - Spring 2020 Calendar:

(Scroll ➡ for full details on mobile.) 

Fall 2019

Spring 2020

August 26 - Classes begin

August 29 - Part-Time & Work Study Fair, no OCR

September 2 - Labor Day, UNH closed 

September 9 - OCR starts

September 17 - Resume Review Day, no OCR

October 1 -  Career Fair, no OCR      

October 2 - Interview Day

November 11 - Veteran's Day, UNH closed

November 25  through November 29 - Thanksgiving week, no OCR

December 9 - Last day of classes, On Campus Informational Tabling/Information Sessions end on Friday, December 13

December 10 through December 17 - Final Exams, On Campus Interviewing ends on Tuesday, December 17 


January 21 – Classes begin
January 28 – Part-Time & Work Study Fair, no OCR
January 29 – OCR starts
February 11 – Resume Review Day, no OCR
February 25 – Career & Internship Fair, no OCR
March 16 through March 20 – Spring Recess, no OCR
May 1 – OCR ends
May 5 – Last day of classes
May 7 through May 13 – Final exams