On Campus Recruiting

Recruit the Wildcat Way by coming to campus to interview students and increase brand awareness. Make requests in Wildcat Careers and let us do the work for you! We will manage the interview schedule, reserve location and parking, and implement a full marketing campaign. 

Refer to the Academic/OCR calendar below for best on campus recruiting days and times and blackout dates. All requests are to be made 3 weeks prior to desired date.


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Academic/OCR Calendar

Spring 2018 Calendar:


January 23rd- classes begin

February 5th- OCR starts 

February 15th- Resume Review Day, no OCR

February 26th, 27th, 28th-  Career Fair Week, no OCR

March 1st-  Interview Day, no OCR

March 12th-16th- Spring Break, no OCR

March 29th-  Part-Time & Work Study Fair, no OCR

May 7th- Last day of classes, On Campus Tabling/Information Sessions end

May 10th-17th- Final Exams, On Campus Interviewing ends on the 17th