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Thompson Hall on Durham campus. Durham has a lot of work study and part time employment opportunities for students.
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On-Campus Employment Process for Part-Time & Work Study Postings

This posting process applies to ALL UNH departments hiring current students for part-time and/or work-study positions.

Please read all of these instructions BEFORE you post your department's open jobs into Handshake. These naming conventions and posting best practices will ensure your positions are seen by as many students as possible.


Posting Information:

Job Title:

  • If you are offering the position to only students with work-study eligibility please include “Work Study Only” in the job title
  • Students are not required to apply through an additional website or applicant tracking system
  • You have the option of showing your name only or no information at all
Picture of Handshake job search example. The Job Title field is filled out with an example job title a student my search for for. Radio buttons are answering the questions, "Require students to apply through website or applicant tracking system?" and "Display your contact information to students?"

Job Type:

  • For Job Type, select: “On-Campus Employment”
  • For Employment Type, select: “Part-time” for a work-study position
  • For Duration, select temporary/seasonal
  • For Dates, select the start and end dates for the duration of the work-study position
Picture of Handshake job posting example. The radio button for Job Type has selected On Campus Student Employment from several choices: Job, Internship, Cooperative Education, Experiential Learning, Fellowship, Grad School, Volunteer. The second radio button for Employment Type has the example selecting from the options "Full-Time" or "Part-Time". The third radio button for the Duration field has the example choosing between "Permanent" or "Temporary/Seasonal". The user can select the Start Date and the End

You must select “Yes” when asked if this is a work-study position. This is an important check box to allow work-study eligible students to find your position. 

The image shows the example of the radio button Work Study Job with the "Yes" option selected, because work study must always be identified when applicable.

PLEASE NOTE: Career and Professional Success cannot store or share student work-study eligibility in Handshake. All student applicants will appear to “not meet preferences” because of this. We suggest requesting an additional document confirming work-study eligibility or confirming eligibility during the interview process. 

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