Handshake for UNH Departments

Thompson Hall on Durham campus. Durham has a lot of work study and part time employment opportunities for students.

UNH Faculty and Staff may request Handshake accounts for two purposes: to view the Handshake career portal as a student (browse jobs & internship opportunities, and view upcoming career-related events) or as an employer (post on-campus jobs, internships, & research opportunities, and post events). Please see the following sections on how to request either account type and best practices for using the Handshake career portal.  


  • To request a Student account, please complete this form: unhcaps.info/requesthandshakeaccount.
  • Select I am a UNH Faculty/Staff Member, and then Using platform in student view to see jobs and internships
  • Please complete the form in its entirety so our team can create a Handshake account on your behalf. Please note, any Handshake account requests via Handshake without a completed form will be denied. 
  • See Handshake for Students for help navigating the platform in student view.  

Handshake for Students

Handshake employer accounts need to be created by the individual. See the steps below to get started.  

If you have an existing student account and would like to link your employer account, please contact caps@unh.edu or schedule a 30-minute Handshake help call with a member of our CaPS team so that we may walk you through the process of linking your student account to a new employer account: unhcaps.info/handshakehelpunh

Handshake Help Articles: 
Sign up for an Employer account in Handshake 
Create a company profile for your department 

  1. Go to: app.joinhandshake.com/employer_registrations/new  

  2. Enter your UNH email address, create your password, and click ‘Sign Up’ 

  3. Fill out your name, phone number (we recommend using your office number), your job title, alma mater, and graduation year, then Click ‘Next: Employer Guidelines’  

    • You will be asked to identify the “types of candidates you would like to find” feel free to leave that blank 

  4. Select ‘No’ in response to the question “Are you a 3rd party recruiter working on behalf of another company?”, then select ’Next: Confirm Email’ 

  5. Confirm your email address: Please check your inbox, as you should be receiving an email from Handshake  

    • Please note this email may go to your spam folder, so be sure to check there if you do not see it in your inbox 

  6. Connect with a "company" (department) profile in Handshake  

    • Search for your department using naming convention ‘UNH - Department Name’ 

    • If you find your department click ‘request’ and your request will be sent to the owner of your "companies" (department's) account 

  7. If you do not find your department you will need to create a new "company" (department) profile by clicking "Create New Company" on the right hand side of the page  

    • Company Name: Please use naming convention "UNH - Department name" 

    • Industry: Higher Education  

    • Website: Department Website URL 

    • Location: You can use your office's address or the address of your campus   

  8. Note: Handshake uses a Third Party company called MapBox for locations. If you are unable to locate your company's specific address, try using just the city and state, and we recommend submitting feedback to MapBox here: https://www.mapbox.com/geocoder-feedback/ 

    • Description: Brief description of your department, can be edited later  

    • Company Size: Estimate of how many people are in your department 

  9. Connect with UNH: Once you have connected with or created a profile for your "company" (department) move on to step four where you can search for UNH. Once located click the "+" icon, and finish the sign up process. 

Your request to connect will be approved within 2 business days. Once approved you will be able to use the instructions in this article to post your open positions. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out.  

This posting process applies to ALL UNH departments hiring current students for part-time and/or work-study positions.

Please read all of these instructions BEFORE you post your department's open jobs into Handshake. These naming conventions and posting best practices will ensure your positions are seen by as many students as possible.

Posting Information:

Job Title:

  • If you are offering the position to only students with work-study eligibility please include “Work Study Only” in the job title
  • Students are not required to apply through an additional website or applicant tracking system
  • You have the option of showing your name only or no information at all
Picture of Handshake job search example. The Job Title field is filled out with an example job title a student my search for for. Radio buttons are answering the questions, "Require students to apply through website or applicant tracking system?" and "Display your contact information to students?"


Job Type:

  • For Job Type, select: “On-Campus Employment”
  • For Employment Type, select: “Part-time” for a work-study position
  • For Duration, select temporary/seasonal
  • For Dates, select the start and end dates for the duration of the work-study position
Picture of Handshake job posting example. The radio button for Job Type has selected On Campus Student Employment from several choices: Job, Internship, Cooperative Education, Experiential Learning, Fellowship, Grad School, Volunteer. The second radio button for Employment Type has the example selecting from the options "Full-Time" or "Part-Time". The third radio button for the Duration field has the example choosing between "Permanent" or "Temporary/Seasonal". The user can select the Start Date and the End


You must select “Yes” when asked if this is a work-study position. This is an important check box to allow work-study eligible students to find your position. 

The image shows the example of the radio button Work Study Job with the "Yes" option selected, because work study must always be identified when applicable.

PLEASE NOTE: Career and Professional Success cannot store or share student work-study eligibility in Handshake. All student applicants will appear to “not meet preferences” because of this. We suggest requesting an additional document confirming work-study eligibility or confirming eligibility during the interview process. 

Frequently Asked Questions and Help

Employer Account Setup & Settings:  

Posting Jobs: 

Need Additional Help? Visit the Handshake Help Center 

Please reach out to us for any questions you may have at employer.relations@unh.edu or 603.862.2070