Student Preparation

Event Details in Handshake

Before the Fair

  • Log in to Handshake -->Select Fairs -->Select Fall 2020 Career & Internship Fair
  • Review and search in Handshake to see which companies are attending

Downloadable PDF COLLEGE Directories for Students

  • Research the target companies that interest you.
  • Practice your 30-second pitch: convince them that you are a great fit for their organization
    • They will most likely ask you why you are interested in their company specifically, so include these details in your pitch. Ask yourself, “What do I have to offer?”
  • Have a digital copy of your resume ready to share

Day of the Fair

  • Dress professionally
  • Arrive earlier than your appointment time so you have plenty of time troubleshoot any issues and get settled
  • Make eye contact and smile
  • When speaking with your target companies, ask for LinkedIn information to get in contact with the recruiter later
  • After your one-on-one, write down notes to be sure you can remember key details or follow-up instructions from specific conversations
  • If companies ask you to apply online after you share your resume with them, don't be offended. Many companies today have hiring policies that require every job applicant to be officially registered in their system.

After the Fair

  • Follow up with employers you had an interest in; send a quick thank you email and let them know you have completed the online application (if requested). A conversation today can lead to a job tomorrow!

Employer Advice for Students Attending the Fair

  • Research the company beforehand
  • Dress appropriately
  • Offer to share your resume before being asked
  • Have questions for the company
  • Look into booths outside of your radar
  • Know the type of position you are looking for
  • Treat every meeting like an interview


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