Student Preparation

The University of New Hampshire holds the Career and Internship Fair twice a year at the Whittemore Center. Students and Employers are encouraged to meet and network.

Stay up-to-date with Career & Internship Fair news and updates by registering for the fair on Handshake. Keep tabs on the employers attending the Career & Internship Fair by checking the employer registration list on Handshake.

Job Roles versus Industries

Job roles (marketing, training, analysts, etc.) can be found within many industries, so we strongly encourage students to research the industries and kinds of job roles you are interested in, follow employers with those kinds of roles, and approach any employers that resonate with your interests.

These events are a collaboration of faculty, relevant student organizations and campus departments, and Career and Professional Success. Faculty and staff, if looking for more details, please feel free to reach out to your college’s Career Director.

Student organizations and staff not affiliated with one college, if you are interested in partnering with CaPS on promotion of any of these programs, please contact

Students, all details will be shared regarding registration open dates, supplemental preparation events (Resume Review Day, industry panels, etc.), and employers participating in Handshake. In the meantime, begin to prep for the Hiring Events with the tips below, using our resources and tools, and/or meeting with a career counselor.

Before the Fair

  • Log in to Handshake -->Select Events -->Select  "Career Fair" filter or click here.
  • Research industries and organizations that interest you and follow employers on Handshake.
    • If you’re following an organization on Handshake and they register for one of the Career Fairs, you’ll be notified.
  • Review which organizations are attending each Career Fair.
    • Organizations can sign up to attend.
  • Practice your 30-second pitch: introduce yourself, your skills, and why you are an excellent fit for their organization.
    • They will most likely ask you why you are interested in their organization specifically, so include these details in your pitch. Ask yourself, “What do I have to offer?”
  • Have copies of your resume ready to share.

Day of the Fair

  • Dress professionally. Get professional dress tips.
  • Arrive early.
  • Make eye contact and smile.
  • When speaking with your target companies, ask for email and/or LinkedIn information to send a thank you and get in contact with the recruiter after.
  • After your one-on-one, write down notes to be sure you can remember key details or follow-up instructions from specific conversations.
  • If an organization asks you to apply online even after you share your resume, don't be offended. Many companies have hiring policies that require every job applicant to be officially registered in their system.
  • Bring your phone to scan the check-in QR codes at employer tables to track who you meet with throughout the day. Don't forget to download the Handshake mobile app to streamline the check-in process!

After the Fair

  • Follow up with employers you have an interest in; send a quick thank you email and let them know you have completed the online application (if requested). A conversation today can lead to a job tomorrow!

Advice Directly from Employers Attending Past Events

  • Research organizations and industries beforehand
  • Dress appropriately
  • Offer to share your resume before being asked
  • Have questions prepared for the organization
  • Look into organizations outside of your initial radar; you never know what gems you’ll find
  • Know the type of position you are looking for
  • Treat every session like an interview


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The Career and Professional Success (CaPS) team, joining with the Civil Rights & Equity Office, is committed to supporting and responding to concerns of discriminatory harassment, sexual violence and/or sexual harassment, bias, hate crimes, bullying or retaliation. If you as a student or alumni have experienced or think you may have experienced any form of such conduct, please report the incident to UNH’s Affirmative Action and Equity Office here and/or contact the Career and Professional Success team at, (603) 862-2070, or reach out directly to a trusted member of the CaPS team. Together, AA&EO and CaPS will work with you to address the matter and offer the support you may need.