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About Campus-2-Career

The Campus-2-Career Program (C2C) helps students better articulate their on-campus work experiences in clear, marketable ways to future employers. Facilitated by Career and Professional Success (CaPS), C2C provides a built-in, self-paced professional development structure that fosters mutual benefits between student workers and their supervisor(s) through structured skill-building activities, written reflection, and workplace improvements.

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Earn Micro-Credentials for In-Demand Skills as a Student Worker on Campus!
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Campus-2-Career provides evidence-based verification through issued micro-credentials. To highlight the transferrable skills students develop during their on-campus job experiences(s), we utilize the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) Career Readiness Competencies. 


C2C Program History & Mission

C2C began as a cross-campus skill-building initiative in 2022 to equip our 5,000+ on-campus student workers with the in-demand, transferrable skills that would serve them well long-term, regardless of their academic major(s), career interests, or work history. Over the last two years, this skill-building initiative has developed into a full-fledged program under Career and Professional Success (CaPS) with three main goals:

1) Provide career guidance and structure to help UNH student workers better articulate their on-campus work experiences in clear, marketable ways to future employers.

2) Provide equitable support for UNH student workers who often work out of necessity: students who may not have the means or ability to pursue off-campus and/or summer experiential learning opportunities; students who contribute to UNH’s ecosystem through their meaningful on-campus efforts.

3) Grow perceived value of on-campus employment opportunities by offering a self-paced, built-in structure for students and their supervisor(s) to attain shared goals in workplace process improvement, as well as professional development endeavors that all stakeholders—including our off-campus employers of UNH students—stand to benefit from directly. 

Recognizing Campus Departments Participating in C2C (Spring 2024)

  • Memorial Union Building (MUB)
  • University Advising Center (UAC)
  • UNH-4U - Institute on Disability
  • Career & Professional Success (CaPS)

Offered Micro-Credential Example (LinkedIn Badge)
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